“Customized soccer hit through analysis of the opposing team’s strength”

Coach Yoon Hyun-pil (pictured), who took over the leadership of Osan High School at the end of last year after serving as the K-League FC Seoul coach, showed excellent leadership skills by leading the team to the top of the high school World Cup in his first year in office. Coach Yoon said, “I am very happy to have won such a big competition as a coach for the first time. Our squad is so good. All the players came together and produced great results.”토토사이트

Manager Yoon cited a thorough analysis of the opposing team as the secret to winning. He said, “I developed a customized strategy through analysis of the opponent before the game. All the participating teams were professional youth teams, so their strength was not easy, but it seems that we won in the smallest details.”

Osan High School is currently the strongest team, but it is considered a team with a brighter future. Coach Yoon said, “FC Seoul is nurturing many good players through its systematic system. There are many good players among the current first graders or middle school students,” he said.

Finally, coach Yoon said, “All the players played so hard that I couldn’t point out any one player. I want to give all the glory to the players,” he said.

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