Daegu’s real crisis… Who is the vacant seat at Sejinya?

Professional soccer team Daegu FC sighs over repeated injuries.

Sejingya (33), who is called the king of Daegu, has to leave the field for the time being. Cesingya was replaced due to an injury at the end of the first half in the 1-1 away match with Suwon FC on the 26th. When defender Hong Chul returned from injury, he had another concern.

An official from Daegu said in a phone call with a reporter on the 27th, “I haven’t really been tested yet,” but “I complained of pain in the muscles on the back of my thighs, which have often been injured. If this is the case, you should take a break for about two weeks,” he explained.

Sejingya is a technician representing Daegu. In 2018, not only did he become the K League 1 Help King (13), but from 2019 he was selected as the K League 1 Best Eleven for four consecutive years. His quick feet and sophisticated foot skills are his weapon, and Daegu’s long-term counterattack comes alive only when he runs. Cesingya is doing his part this year with 3 goals and 1 assist.

Sejingya’s presence is also proven in Daegu’s offensive power, which varies depending on whether he participates this year. Unlike Sejingya’s 11 goals in 7 games in which he played as a starter or substitute, he was silent in the 2 games he missed (Incheon United 0-0 draw, FC Seoul 0-3 loss). Daegu’s first win of the year (2-0 against Jeonbuk Hyundai) was actually the result of Sejingya’s willingness to participate despite an adductor muscle injury. This means that even if Sejingya is absent for only two weeks, the blow will be formidable.

What makes Daegu frustrating is the fact that Sejingya will have to play up to four games when he is away due to injury. In this year’s K League 1, each team plays four matches during the week, and unfortunately, half of them overlapped with Sejingya’s injury. Suwon Samsung desperate for a first win, leader Ulsan Hyundai, Pohang Steelers, the only undefeated team, and Gwangju FC, the main character of the promotion team, are formidable opponents. This is the background where Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon sighed, saying, “My head hurts and I don’t feel good.”안전놀이터

Right now, the cards that Daegu is considering as an alternative to Sejingya are veteran Lee Keun-ho and Brazilian midfielder Baselus. Both players have a one-and-a-half. Lee Geun-ho, who is known for his rich experience and sincere play, has yet to have an attacking point this year, and Baselus has scored one goal, but has lost some of the trust of the commanding tower. Given the situation in which the game has to be played every 3-4 days, it seems that the two players will take turns on the ground.

Finding an alternative to Sejingya in Daegu is also a long-term task. He is in his mid-30s and has more and more minor injuries. In order to prevent Cesingya’s injury, it is necessary to guarantee the interval between matches. If Daegu successfully overcomes this crisis, it may be the basis for stably solving the rest of the regular league race.

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