Dankook University, boasting solid defense, blocked Yonsei University’s scoring again

 Dankook University once again boasted a brilliant defense.스포츠토토 Yonsei University was tied at 50 points. Dankook University is the first university to concede less than 60 points twice in a match against Yonsei University.

Dankook University won 60-50 in the home game against Yonsei University on the 13th, recording 9 wins and 4 losses, maintaining its sole 3rd place. It was a bout with outstanding defense.

Dankook University posted an average of 71.1 points and conceded an average of 66.2 points before the match. Dankook University’s college basketball league season’s minimum loss was an average of 69.7 points in 2015. It is highly likely that this record will be broken this season.

Dankook University is achieving better-than-expected results with such a solid defense. If Dankook University wins the last game against Chung-Ang University, it will take 3rd place, the team’s best result.

The defense also shone in the match against Yonsei University. Dankook University allowed Yonsei University only 50 points. In particular, 9 points were tied in the 2nd quarter and 5 points in the 4th quarter.

Yonsei University’s minimum score in a quarter until last season was 6 points (March 19, 2012 vs. Kyunghee University 3Q). This record fell to 4 points in the second quarter against Korea University on the 25th of last month. The 5 points scored in the match against Dankook University is Yonsei University’s second lowest score in a quarter.

Moreover, Yonsei University has never been able to stop at two quarters or single-digit points in a single game. In the game against Dankook University, he scored only 14 points in 20 minutes in the 2nd and 4th quarters, leaving a disgraceful record.

Dankook University lost 52-53 against Yonsei University on April 25 last year. It was Yonsei University’s record for the lowest score in a game, but Kim Do-wan gave up a free throw in the final and lost by one point. For reference, the current minimum score for Yonsei University in a game is 45 points from a game against Korea University.

Dankook University allowed only 50 points, less than last year. Now, Dankook University is the only team that has conceded less than 60 points to Yonsei University twice.

Dankook University and other teams that have lost less than 60 points to Yonsei University are Kyunghee University (57 points), Sungkyunkwan University (58 points), Chung-Ang University (55 points), and Korea University (45 points).

Yonsei University’s performance is not perfect without four key players: Ki-sang Yu, Bo-bae Kim, Joo-young Lee, and Chae-hyung Lee. Even so, it is regrettable that after allowing Na Seong-ho a 24-second shot clock buzzer beater in the second quarter, he immediately conceded two consecutive runs due to an error right after the inbound pass.

It is a known fact that Dankook University plays pressure defense, and Yonsei University had a hard time with Dankook University’s defense last year. It is a fact that everyone knows that the guards are anxious here, so they should have prepared enough. It was a scene that could only be seen as insufficient preparation. In the end, the double-digit score difference that occurred at this time continued until the end.

Dankook University will face Chung-Ang University for third place on the 22nd, and Yonsei University will play its final regular league game against Myongji University on the 28th.

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