Directional Typhoon Kanun, where?… The Korean Peninsula’s heat rises, making it even hotter

Typhoon Kanun, the sixth typhoon that reached Okinawa토토사이트, Japan, moves slowly and continues to blow humid and hot steam like a warm air fan, making the whole country hotter. I am worried that a typhoon may come to our side. In Okinawa, where typhoons hit, damage continues, including one person’s death.

This is Kim Hyun-ye, a Tokyo correspondent.


The waves that jump over the embankment are crashing wildly.

Fallen trees are scattered along the road.

Typhoon Kanun No. 6, with a maximum wind speed of 50 meters per second, passed near the main island of Okinawa, Japan, killing one person and causing power outages in 30% of the area.

Typhoon ‘Eagle’ hit Beijing, and China, which suffered one after another, was also in an emergency from a series of typhoons.

China has issued a tsunami warning along the eastern coast and is focusing on real-time route identification.

In particular, it is not easy to predict the course of this typhoon Kanun as it is expected to change direction suddenly.

Our Meteorological Agency saw the possibility of Kanun coming up to Korea, but the Japan Meteorological Agency predicts that it will turn south of Kyushu.

Even if a typhoon does not come to Korea, heat waves are expected to continue for the time being.

This is because the Kanun is moving slowly, at 10 km/h, and as it turns eastward, it pushes hot, humid water vapor up into our country.

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