Director Kim Seung-ki’s promising player, Park Jong-ha, is on the radar network

Director Kim Seung-ki’s eyes are on Park Jong-ha.

On the 5th, Goyang Sono lost 89-92 in the fifth round match against Suwon KT in the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball.

With the defeat, Sono lost four consecutive regular league games and five consecutive KT games this season.

Coach Kim Seung-ki, who was set to face off in the fifth round, told reporters, “It is true that we are pushed to the rank of members. However, he is revealing physical and physical issues as well as members. This season has many such issues. If we had played up to the third quarter, we would have won some games.”

Coach Kim Seung-ki has expressed regret over the formation of players for this season. As the process of acquiring and establishing the team has been delayed, he failed to select foreign players that coach Kim is seeking. The same applies to players in the Asian quarter. He also failed to make any clear moves in the FA market.

Then coach Kim Seung-ki added these words. “Park Jong-ha should be raised as a shooter. Kim Min-wook needs to quickly adapt himself to the defense and the team,” he said.

Coach Kim Seung-ki is well-known as a coach who has a unique insight into player development. When he sees even the slightest chance, he often gives him a chance by giving him carrots and sticks, and uses his strengths to the maximum extent possible on the court. 마카오토토주소

When Lee Jae-do, Moon Sung-gon, Jeon Sung-hyun, and Byun Jun-hyung were at the helm of Korea Ginseng Corporation (currently head of the government), they took a step up under Kim. Lee Jung-hyun, who made a name for himself as a finished guard during his time at Yonsei University, has emerged as a national guard and MVP-class guard representing the league under Kim. There is also Kim Jin-yu.

Park Jong-ha was spotted on coach Kim Seung-ki’s radar network in the absence of a top prospect. Park Jong-ha is a rookie wearing a Sono uniform as the eighth pick in the first round of this season’s rookie draft.

Park Jong-ha has been the ace of the team since his days at Sungkyunkwan University, leading the attack. He stood out in such a process, especially in shooting.

Sono has been sidelined due to injuries to his key players, and it is not easy for him to display his best performance. Jeon Sung-hyun had a back injury, and Choi Hyun-min had a bruise when he collided with gauge prim in the match against Hyundai Mobis. Lee Jung-hyun is also not in normal physical condition.

To some extent, the outline of the semifinals is gradually being taken, and manager Kim Seung-ki was also drawing the future by appointing Park Jong-ha.

Park Jong-ha spends an average of 14 minutes and 54 seconds on average in 21 games this season. Except for Moon Jung-hyun, Park Moo-bin, and BIG3, dubbed “Yugi Sang,” Park Jong-ha is enjoying the longest period of playing time among rookies in the first round. Park Jong-ha is also gradually responding to the expectations of Coach Kim Seung-ki, who has recently come forward.

In the game against Samsung on the 23rd, he scored 17 points, including four three-point shots, contributing to the team’s victory. Park Jong-ha, who has regained his confidence since then, actively tries to shoot outside and destroys the opponent’s defense.

However, Park Jong-ha showed poor performance in the fifth round match against KT. Park made three 3-pointers in 22 minutes and 32 seconds, making two, but left a deep regret in defense and overall performance.

Above all, the three turnovers that came out every moment worked painfully.

“I made a lot of mistakes when I couldn’t get my head around it,” Kim said after the match. “I can’t do that in the next season. I will have to exercise a lot next year, and I will have to prepare myself. If I let players go, I will not be a coach. I will train players harshly after the end of the season.”

Sono has now passed 39 games. They have 15 regular-league games left. More games means more or less games, but it is also a very important opportunity for Sono players, including Park Jong-ha.

What kind of player will Park Jong-ha, who is at the starting line, grow under coach Kim Seung-ki? This is why attention is drawn to the company of coach Kim and Park Jong-ha.

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