“During your lifetime? I don’t agree!”…Annal fans are “complaining” with the name of the new training site

Arsenal fans express discontent after encountering new training ground name.

Sports media ‘Sports Bible’ reported on the 2nd (Korea time) that fans are angry at the news that Arsenal will change the name of the training ground for the first time in 25 years.

Arsenal’s training ground is nicknamed London Colney. Its official name is Arsenal Training Center, but fans call it London Colney after the name of the training ground.

Arsenal had been training at London Colney since its opening in October 1999. Originally, Arsenal had been training at a weak facility until London Colney was established.

Arsen Wenger, who led Arsenal at the time, wanted better training facilities. He judged that modern facilities were needed to become a strong team. 월카지노도메인

Arsenal spent a total of £10 million (about W16.8 billion) to build the London Colney. The cost of the construction came from the transfer of players. At the time, Arsenal won £22.5 million (about W37.9 billion) for Nicolas Anelka to Real Madrid.

Arsenal bought Thierry Henry for just under 12 million pounds (about W20.2 billion) from the £22.5 million deal that resulted from Anelka’s move. They built the training ground with the difference after the transfer.

Wenger has contributed the most to the construction of the training ground. Arsenal also said that they were instrumental in the design and construction of the London Colney Training Center.

Recently, it was reported that Arsenal sold London Colney’s naming rights. A Dubai-based luxury real estate developer won London Colney’s naming rights.

According to media reports, London Colney will now be called the “Soba Realty Training Center.” Furthermore, Arsenal Training Kit will receive a sponsor. Local media reported that it was a multi-million pound contract, but the exact figures have yet to be released.

Arsenal sports director Edu Gaspar expressed satisfaction, saying, “This is a very interesting contract that will help create the best environment for players, coaches and staff for years to come.”

However, fans are not responding well. According to the media, fans reacted negatively, saying, “When Arsen Wenger was a coach? Wow, I’m not ashamed,” “No one would call me that. It should always be London Colney,” and “I don’t agree. It should always be called London Colney.”

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