Either go out or cut your wages… The best ‘legendary treatment’ Barça can do

Barcelona is the best option for you. But the bitterness is unavoidable.

Barcelona have been in financial trouble for years. As a result, he broke up with ‘Living Legend’ Lionel Messi, but the situation did not improve. The sale of the stadium naming rights and the change of sponsors did not provide any practical help. As a result, several players’ weekly wages were discussed.

This situation continues even now. Barcelona’s finances are still in bad shape and they are planning a big sale this summer. Ansu Fati, considered Messi’s successor, was listed for sale, and players who had recently joined, such as Rafinha and Ferran Torres, were also mentioned.

There was nothing different about being a legend. Javi Miguel, a reporter for Spanish media ‘Di Rioas’, said: “Barcelona want Jordi Alba to leave the team or cut his wages this summer.”

He is a Barcelona legend. He grew up at La Masia, but left for Valencia to gain experience and rejoined Camp Nou for the 2012–13 season. Established as the main player from the first year of his transfer, he was in charge of Barcelona’s left side based on his unique attacking power. Linked play with Messi has established itself as another weapon in the team, and in its heyday, it was considered the world’s best left-back along with Marcelo.

He was with Barcelona in its heyday. He lifted only the league trophy five times, and added countless trophies, including winning the Copa del Rey five times and winning the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) once.안전놀이터

But time could not escape. Although he is still in good shape, his strengths such as speed and attack power that he showed in his heyday have faded somewhat. Since his stamina has also declined, the proportion of substitutes has increased rather than starting.

As a result, it is unclear whether the partnership with Barcelona will be extended. His contract expires with only 1 year and 2 months left, but there is still no issue of contract renewal.

I plan to talk with the club about the future. Reporter Miguel said, “Coach Xabi Hernandez and Jordi Cruyff will meet with Alba after the season.”

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