Established ‘first win’ Daebo Engineering & Construction… Ranked #1 in the KPGA team rankings

Thanks to Go Gun-taek’s victory in the opening game of the Korean Tour, Daebo Engineering & Construction’s golf team rose to No. 1 in the KPGA club rankings.

DB Insurance Promy Open, the opening game of the Korean Tour 2023 season, includes Hana Financial Group, CJ, Web Cash Group, Geumgang Housing, Woori Financial Group, DB Insurance, Woosung Construction, NH Nonghyup Bank, Daebo Construction, Volvik, BRIC, A total of 17 clubs participated, including SK Telecom, BC Card, Zibent, team Sokchoi, Amazing Cree, and Cowell.

At the DB Insurance Promy Open, which ended on the 16th, Go Gun-taek of Daebo Construction lifted the championship cup. Thanks to Go Gun-taek’s victory, Daebo Engineering & Construction earned 2133.25 points and took first place in the KPGA professional golf club league rankings.

Two players from Daebo Engineering & Construction participated in the DB Insurance Promy Open. Daebo E&C received 1,000 points for each team, Go Gun-taek, who won the championship, 1,000 points, and Choi Min-cheol, who tied for 28th place, received 133.25 points, ranking first with a total of 2133.25 points.

In second place was DB Insurance, a joint venture with Seo Yo-seop, Jang Hee-min, and Moon Do-yeop with 1934.75 points.메이저놀이터

In the KPGA professional golf club league, a pennant race will be held until the final LG Signature Players Championship. ‘Club Points’ are awarded to each club participating in the league until the final match.

Club points are paid to players belonging to former clubs participating in the KPGA professional golf club league. Points in the name of participation points are awarded to participating teams before the start of the tournament. After the tournament, the points for each player are tallied according to the final ranking for each player belonging to the club.

In this way, club points, which are the sum of points for each team and points for each player, are applied and the club rankings are announced after each tournament.

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