Even the worst sluggishness and ‘no notice’ selfie… Chelsea considers selling ‘troublesome’

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is being forgotten even at Chelsea.

Aubameyang joined Chelsea from Barcelona ahead of this season. Aubameyang, who moved to Arsenal due to his performance at Borussia Dortmund in the past, also won the English Premier League (EPL) top scorer wearing an Arsenal uniform in the 2018-19 season. He had a short-lived impact with Barcelona last season, but was sluggish in the last minute and chose to challenge Chelsea.

However, Aubameyang’s performance at Chelsea has not been good. Aubameyang has scored just one goal in 12 league appearances this season. In the early days, director Graham Porter used Aubameyang in the front line, but he showed poor condition, and now Kai Havertz is mainly in charge of Chelsea’s front line.

Aubameyang became a troublemaker for Chelsea. In the midst of this, even unnoticed behavior was added. Aubameyang visited Camp Nou to watch El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid on the 20th (Korean time). And after the game, he took a selfie with his old teammates, including Ferran Torres. He is free to act, but Chelsea fans are outraged by his open love for his former team amidst his poor performance at Chelsea.

In fact, Barcelona are aiming to re-sign Aubameyang.안전놀이터 According to Spanish media ‘Mundo Deportivo’, “Aubameyang is a clear option for Barcelona in the summer transfer window. The club hopes to strengthen several positions to become competitive in Europe. He will be a good and proven alternative to Robert Lewandowski.” It is said

The media added, “Signing Aubameyang won’t be very expensive and he can adjust his salary. Barcelona are not excluding him as a potential reinforcement.” Meanwhile, Aubameyang has a contract with Chelsea until June 2024. After this season, there is one year left, so it is not too difficult to transfer. Having won the top scorer in the Premier League in the past, he is having a rough end of his life.

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