“Everyone loves a defensive monster!”…but Bayern Munich is in a “dilemma,” Tuchel “an unfortunate time for Munich.”

Bayern Munich’s leading defender Kim Min-jae is nothing new.

German media praised Kim Min-jae again. Germany’s “Abendzeitung Muenchen” said, “Everyone likes defensive monsters.”

“Bayern Munich paid 50 million euros (71.6 billion won) to recruit Kim from Naples. It took only a few months for Kim to win the hearts of Bayern Munich fans. There were some adjustment problems and minor accidents, but the bottom line is that we trust Kim Min-jae,” he added.

“The giant with three back numbers is the undisputed mainstay of Bayern Munich, and he is the center back who captivated Bayern Munich. Kim Min-jae’s pass success rate stands at 94.95 percent, ranking second overall in the league. Thomas Tuchel likes Kim Min-jae’s clarity, and he also likes that his ordinary pass can be a clear pass. Unlike his partner Dayo Upamecano, Kim Min-jae has shown consistent performance,” he stressed.

월카지노 The real reason why the media poured out such praise comes later. Kim Min-jae, who plays such an important role, should leave Bayern Munich for a while. What to do with the gap. This was the core of this article.

Kim Min-jae will be transferred to the Korean national team in January and play in the Asian Cup. The Korean national team also needs Kim Min-jae to win. Bayern Munich needs to fill Kim Min-jae’s gap.

“Everyone likes defensive monsters, but now Bayern Munich is in a dilemma. Kim Min-jae is the most stable defender in Bayern Munich. Tuchel is very worried about the upcoming Asian Cup,” the media reported.

In the future without Kim Min-jae, Bayern Munich is looking for a suitable replacement. South Korea will go to the Asian Cup final, and in January, Kim Min-jae will not be able to play in up to five Bundesliga matches, Tuchel calculated. It will be tricky to find a center back who can help immediately and a replacement for Kim Min-jae, he predicted.

Then he published an interview with Tuchel. “We are aware of this issue. Kim is obliged to leave Bayern Munich. He should enjoy playing for his country. This is an unfortunate time for Bayern Munich. We will deal with this issue and find a solution,” Tuchel said.

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