“Excellent hitting ability” Dynamic Lotte Baseball, contact heaters painted in new colors

“Lotte baseball has become more dynamic.”

The Lotte Giants are changing the color of their new batting line to a darker one with Ahn Chi-Hong (33), Hwang Seong-Bin (26), Ahn Kwon-Soo (30), and Kim Min-Seok (19) at the forefront.

According to Sports 2I, the KBO’s official record statistics company, Lotte’s team batting average this season was 0.254, ranking 6th out of 10 clubs. However, batting average is not an indicator of all contact abilities. The team contact rate is 80.7%, ranking second. Also, the team’s strikeout rate is 17.5%, which is below the league average (18.6%).

Ahn Chi-hong (90.7%), Hwang Seong-bin (90.2%), Ahn Kwon-soo (88.1%), and Kim Min-seok (82.6%) accounted for a high contact rate. Among all hitters in the league who played 50% of the required at-bats, Lotte had the most three in the top 15. His ability to hit is one of the best in the league.

Ahn Chi-hong shows the best hitting feeling. His strikeout rate is 9.9%, the lowest on the team. Lotte manager Larry Sutton often places him at the center and bottom batting order as well as table setter. Since the strikeout rate is low, it is perfect to use when there is a tight section in the batting order or when the probability of scoring needs to be increased.

Hwang Seong-bin and Ahn Kwon-soo are becoming the nucleus of the other lineup. These two are making a lot of in-play balls based on their contact ability. In play batting average (BABIP), Hwang Seong-bin had 0.500 and Ahn Kwon-su had 0.344. An official from the Lotte R&D team said, “In addition to simple batting average, you can see the excellent contact ability of the two by looking at various clubs’ own measurement equipment. It was evaluated as a top-ranking ability among all hitters in the KBO League.”

On the 22nd,먹튀검증 Ahn Kwon-soo showed off his ‘hitting ability’ properly in the Changwon NC Dinos game. On this day, while reporting his first home run in his debut, he hit NC Min-hyuk Shin’s 137 km/h fastball, but it was not the ball he was aiming for. Ahn Kwon-soo said, “I was aiming for a curve, but a fastball came.” In fact, the ball he was aiming for was a curve in the early 100 km/h range. In a full count situation, a ball 30km faster than that penetrated the strike zone, but he made a home run based on his excellent contact ability.

Lotte is raising its offensive power with them at the forefront. Manager Sutton said, “Ahn Kwon-soo, Hwang Seong-bin, and Kim Min-seok continue to be on base as table setters, and Ko Seung-min is also on base a lot as a table setter. Lotte Baseball has become more dynamic.”

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