“Excellent pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin, don’t trade… 8 teams have the right to veto” US media

 Ryu Hyun-jin (36) of the Toronto Blue Jays was selected as one of the players with the most expensive contracts to deal with. Some say that it is better to expect a return after July than to trade. 

On the 8th (Korean time), the American sports media ‘The Athletic’ selected the most difficult malicious contract player for each major league team and suggested a solution. In Toronto, pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin, who signed a free agent contract for 4 years and 80 million dollars in December 2019, was selected. 

The media said, ‘Ryu Hyun-jin was limited to six starts last year, and has not pitched once since June 2nd. He underwent Tommy John surgery that month and hopes to return this season.” His elbow injury is an ever-present risk for pitchers,’ he explained. 

Regarding the solution to the remaining contract, he said, “Ryu Hyun-jin can return within enough time until July.” Ryu Hyun-jin can block trades against 8 teams. It is also a good choice for Toronto to have Ryu Hyun-jin.” 

This year’s annual salary of 20 million dollars is high, and it is difficult to pitch in the first half, so it is practically impossible to trade Ryu Hyun-jin. In addition, at the time of his free agent contract, Ryu Hyun-jin also obtained the right to refuse trade, which allows him to designate 8 teams that cannot be traded without his consent each year. It’s even harder to match the trade card for Toronto. 

Ryu Hyun-jin, who is about to pitch in the bullpen, is undergoing rehabilitation with the goal of returning to the summer in July. Until then, if Toronto competes for the ranking, the healthy Ryu Hyun-jin can be a great force, so it is better to retain him as an additional power, according to The Athletic. 

Meanwhile, Hyunjin Ryu, Chris Sale (Boston Red Sox), Yasmani Grandal (Chicago White Sox), Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers), Anthony Rendon (LA Angels), Marcel Osuna (Atlanta Braves), Jorge Solaire ( Miami Marlins), Scott Kingley (Philadelphia Phillies), Christian Yelich (Milwaukee Brewers), Joey Votto (Cincinnati Reds), Madison Bumgarner (Arizona Diamondbacks), Drew Pomeranz (San Diego Padres), Chris Bryant (Colorado Rockies) ) was selected as a difficult contractor to deal with. Josh Donaldson, Aaron Hicks (New York Yankees), Stephen Strasburg, and Patrick Corbin (both Washington Nationals) were also cited as bad contractors by two players. 

The best rogue contractor is, of course, Strasburg.토토사이트 Strasburg, who became a free agent around the same time as Ryu Hyun-jin and renewed his contract with Washington for 7 years and 245 million dollars, suffered from wrist, shoulder and neck pain. After signing the contract, Strasburg only recorded 1-4 with an ERA of 6.89 in 8 games (31⅓ innings). Last year, he only appeared in one game, and his physical condition is not improving enough to guarantee baseball activities this year.

Strasburg, who has a 4-year, 140 million dollar contract left, including this year, has the right to refuse a trade if he plays for more than 5 years in one of the players who have filled more than 10 years of service time in the major leagues. Washington has become an even more difficult player to deal with. 

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