FA → 亞Quarter → Compensation player… 14 clubs busy ‘outlining’

14 men’s and women’s clubs completed the appointment of free agent (FA) transfers and retention, as well as the Asia Quarter and compensation players, who took the first step.

The men’s FA work, which began in early April, was a relatively quiet sleep. Na Gyeong-bok, who was the pillar of Woori Card, did not move except for changing his uniform after signing a contract with KB Insurance for an annual salary of 800 million won. With the move of the striker who scored the most points (cumulative 603 points) among outside hitters in Korea, KB Insurance was strengthened. On the other hand, Woori Card is in a situation where it has to bet a large share in the selection of foreign mercenaries.  

Other than that, there was no FA transfer in the men’s division. Since there is no movement, the compensation player issue is also calm. The only move was that Park Jin-woo went to Woori Card as Na Gyeong-bok’s compensation player. 

On the other hand, the Asian quarter tryouts were spectacular. For three days from the 25th to the 27th, a place was prepared where players gathered directly in Jeju Island to showcase their current skills and form and appeal to their determination. Officials from the men’s club gathered to closely check the players’ skills and interviewed them. I was able to select players with a slightly more accurate perspective. 

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, who obtained the first choice, selected Mongolian striker Eddy. Eddy, who is currently attending Sungkyunkwan University, once again hugged coach Kim Sang-woo, who was a teacher in the university department, on the professional stage. Eddy, who can play outside heater, opposite spiker, and middle blocker positions, is expected to add good firepower to the offensive line of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which remained at the bottom. Being able to speak fluent Korean was a big advantage. 

KEPCO strengthened the defensive line by selecting Libero Iga Ryohei. It is a choice with receiving in mind as the probability of contract renewal with mercenary Thais is very high. After Na Kyung-bok escaped, Woori Card selected Issei Otake (Japan, Apposite Spiker) to fill the hole in the attack. 

Along with Eddy, OK Financial Group recruited Bayarshaihan, who was considered a major player from Mongolia. Likewise, it is a decent resource that can digest multiple positions.

There are not very many women’s divisions, but there are bold movements, and the volleyball board is heated up until the Asian quarter in the men’s division. 

Kim Yeon-kyung, who chose to extend her active service, chose to remain with Heungkuk Life Insurance for a one-year contract (775 million won). Subsequently, Kim Su-ji moved to Heungkuk Life Insurance to be with her ‘best friend’ (3-year/annual salary of 310 million won) and announced the strengthening of the rather weak midfield.

KGC Ginseng Corporation captured Yeom Hye-sun and Han Song-i. Only Chae Seon-ah escaped to Pepper Savings Bank. Pepper Savings Bank tried to strengthen receiving and scoring power by catching existing players Lee Han-bi and Oh Ji-young, recruiting Chae Seon-ah, and acquiring Park Jung-ah. Hyundai E&C caught Kim Yeon-gyeon, Jeong Si-young, and Hwang Yeon-joo, and Hwang Min-kyung transferred to IBK Industrial Bank to reinforce the receive. GS Caltex recruited Jung Dae-young to strengthen the midfield. 

In the Asia Quarter Tryout, IBK laughed the brightest when it caught Thailand national team captain and setter Phonpun Gedpard. Hyundai E&C filled the receive gap of Hwang Min-kyung and Go Ye-rim with Wipa-wi Si-tong. 

The Ginseng Corporation and the Korea Expressway Corporation selected Apogee Spikers Megawatty Puttywi and Tanacha Sosuksot, respectively, to announce reinforcement of strikers.

In a phone call, director Kim Jong-min of the road construction said, “(Tanacha Sosuksoi) is likely to turn to the outside heater position as much as it can digest both the apogee and outside heater positions. I will see and decide.” 

Pepper Savings Bank, which focuses on a quick attack in the new season, selected Filipino middle blocker MJ Phillips. Heungkuk Life Insurance caught Reina Tokoku, a mixed-race striker from Japan. 

In addition, Hwang Min-kyung’s compensation player, Kim Joo-hyang, went to Hyundai E&C, and Kim Su-ji’s compensation, Lim Hye-rim, went to Industrial Bank of Korea.

Among them, the biggest issue was that Pepper Savings Bank’s first FA player and main setter Lee Go-eun was released from the compensation player and returned to his parent team, Korea Expressway Corporation, after one season. A KOVO official told the magazine, “Lee Go-eun (in the women’s division) is the only case in which she returned to her parents’ team as a compensation player rather than a free agent.” 

Each club has maintained a sense of readiness and backup resources to some extent. What remains is the selection of foreign mercenaries and the draft of new players, which will be the main guns. 

In the women’s division, Katarina Jovic and Sheridan Atkinson, who were in the previous season and 2019-20 season road construction, applied, in addition, Helen Russo, who belonged to Hyundai E&C in the 20-21 season, and Yasmin Bedart, who was in 21-23, applied again. In addition, Santana, Yelena, Catbell, and Moma, who were active in the 2022-23 season, applied once again.크크크벳

The men’s roster includes Yosbani Hernandez (20-21 Korean Air), Arpad Barrotti (17-18 Hyundai Capital), Dowdy Okello (21-2 KEPCO), Goergi Groser (15-16 Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance), There are many V-League experienced players such as Leo Andrich (22-23 Woori Card), and all outsiders from six clubs re-applied except for Hyundai Capital Oreol Camejo in the previous season. 

The foreign draft will be held face-to-face for the first time in four years due to the easing of the spread of Corona 19. The place is Turkey, Istanbul. The men’s division will be held from May 6-8, and the women’s division will be held from 11-13 May. 


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