Fake news public hearing held by Korea Communications Commission Chairman Lee Dong-kwan and the ‘Six Eagle Brothers’, a national powerhouse

At 10 a.m. on the 19th, lawmakers from the People Power Party of the National Assembly held an “Emergency Public Hearing on Legislative Petition to Eradicate Fake News” in the conference room of the National Assembly Hall in Yeongdeungpo-dong, Seoul. Chairman Lee Dong-gwan of the Korea Communications Commission, who attended the public hearing on this day , said, “I think Goebbels is lamenting in the basement these days because of the election manipulation cartel caused by Newstapa’s report.” “It arose. I thought that if I went out and played an active role now, I would turn the earth upside down,” he said.

Chairman Lee Dong-gwan said, “Technological progress is flying by. The legal system is busy keeping up. There are a lot of so-called blind spots. I thought we should respond preemptively. If it is an issue that has a shock to the election, national disaster situation, or financial market, etc. “We will urgently receive the report, review it, and take measures to block deletion as soon as possible,” he said. “Naver, Google, Kakao, etc. have all said they will cooperate.”

Chairman Lee Dong-kwan said, “This is just an emergency measure,” and “ SNSSince the 2002 election, when it began to be used in earnest, the progressive leftist camp has never attempted to overturn the election with fake news. The Yoon Seok-yeol coffee incident is an example. “It’s not that my shoulders are heavy, but my heart is heavy,” he said. He continued, “What have I been doing all this time? I thought that if things were not corrected quickly, the very existence of the Republic of Korea would become difficult. In particular, 69% of people read news on portal sites. There are no regulatory measures whatsoever. “We are operating in a blind spot, excluding social responsibility, so the rapid relief review system established as an emergency measure must be legislated and a regulatory framework established,” said Park Seong-jung, a member of the People Power Party (secretary of the National Defense Commission), who said, “Three days before the presidential election,

Newstapa It was said that candidate Lee Jae-myeong’s suspicion of daejang-dong was candidate Yoon Seok-yeol. I recorded something 6 months ago and released it 3 days ago. “It was a fake interview that was fabricated to completely cover up,” he said. “Many progressive media outlets, including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, the Korean Alliance for Democracy, KBS , MBC , JTBC , and the Hankyoreh, reported it uncritically. MBC reported on four points. At that time, 37.9% of the public believed that candidate Yoon Seok-yeol was the real candidate. “In a public opinion poll a week before the presidential election, he was 10% ahead of candidate Lee Jae-myung, and right before the presidential election, he was ahead by 0.1%,” he claimed. When

Rep. Park Seong-jung shouted to the audience, “Can we just leave this like this?” the audience loudly shouted, “No.” responded with

-left forces are responsible for the mad cow disease ghost story in 2008, the Cheonan ship ghost story in 2010, and the Cheonan ship ghost story in 2017.” Following the THAAD ghost story, I am having fun with the drinking party in Cheongdam-dong, the Yangpyeong Expressway, and the Fukushima ghost story. The bigger problem is that the opposition party is joining forces with them. “It is difficult to control such ghost stories,” he claimed.

Jang Je-won, chairman of the National Defense Commission, also said, “Broadcasting manipulates news, the government manipulates statistics, the camp manipulates comments, and these people seem to have manipulation DNA flowing through them. I don’t know what the truth is. They covered their eyes and ears with fake news and tried to steal the government through manipulation. “The incident is being revealed one after another,” he said, adding, “The six eagle brothers are on the front lines. Chairman Lee Dong-kwan, I gain great strength from attending the National Assembly public hearing despite your busy schedule.” The People Power Party and Defense Council members who attended the debate on this day called themselves the Six Eagle Brothers.

He also emphasized that he would do his best to support legislation to eradicate fake news. Chairman Jang Je-won said, “The media is the air of democracy,” and “Is the public broadcasting an institutional broadcast of the Democratic Party? Or is it a public broadcasting? It is being revealed that the general broadcasting that pretended to be so righteous has participated in manipulation. The problem is that (broadcasting companies) are broadcasting, which is a public good. I am using it. I listen to the radio when I commute to work, and they are manipulating public opinion all day long. The privatization of radio waves for their own faction must be corrected. Broadcasting must be made fair. As the ruling party, it is responsible. Public hearing today. “I hope this is your first birthday. I will do my best to support legislation,” he said.

Oh Jeong- hwan, chairman of MBC’s 3rd labor union, said, ” I would like to use MBC as an example to explain why fake news is produced. Many MBC reporters report fake news.reported every day for a month. The public suspected that some kind of corruption had occurred. As a result, the landscape of the presidential election changed. Director Choi Moon-soon, the first chairman of the National Press Union, became president. When the 17th presidential election was imminent, Kim Kyung-jun claimed that BBK belonged to Lee Myung-bak. “MBC made 107 reports, and Kim Gyeong-jun was found guilty, but none of the MBC reporters took responsibility.”

Chairman Oh Jeong-hwan said, “ MBC manipulated스포츠토토 the subtitles on September 22 last year to express that President Yoon Seok-yeol had belittled the President of the United States. I came out wearing slippers and screamed. He is the one who had an argument with an employee of the President’s office. If MBC were a normal media company, they would have warned reporter Lee. He said, “We gave this reporter an excellence award in December last year.”

Chairman Oh Jeong-hwan said, “ It is difficult to guess what kind of report MBC reporters will decide to report. “MBC is producing fake news and biased reports ideologically and structurally,” he said. “The MBC production team and the media union have no intention of observing (reporting standards, etc.). “We must prevent it with strong punishment,” he argued.

Attorney Hwang Da-yeon said, “The word fake news is a difficult word for lawyers or professors to use. Fake news can include general misinformation with incorrect facts, and it is also a word that encompasses fraudulent reports made by copying fake interviews as is.” “Strict action is needed against intentional or grossly negligent and fraudulent reporting,” he said.

Lawyer Da-yeon Hwang said, “Especially with the development of social media , no matter how fake news is spread widely in an instant, the damage is bound to grow uncontrollably in an instant.” “If not imposed, serious problems will arise that could mislead voters in their choices, leading to results that are significantly against the public interest, so there is a need to strictly regulate them,” he said.

On the 18th, the Korea Communications Commission announced comprehensive measures to eradicate fake news. The comprehensive measures include: △Establishing a counter for reporting fake news to the Korea Communications Standards Commission and conducting prompt deliberations on the matter; △Reducing the re-licensing and re-approval period for broadcasting companies to less than 3 years in case of serious violations; △Participating in a consultative body to eradicate fake news for internet business operators such as portals, and engaging in various measures. Requests for self-regulatory measures include △introduction of written and electronic deliberation to delete and block fake news content, △introduction of the one-strike out system to decide on media closure, △promotion of profit recovery from fake news media, and △prevention of ‘switching’ of fake news media operators and employees.

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However, criticism was raised that it was excessive regulation that could infringe on press freedom in a situation where the standards for fake news are ambiguous. Citizens’ Solidarity for Media Reform said in a statement on the 18th, “There are many unconstitutional elements, so there is a serious risk of infringing on freedom of expression,” and “there is no legal authority to take action on Internet postings just because they are false, and Internet media is restricted from broadcasting.” “It is not subject to deliberation by the Deliberation Committee. This goes beyond the duties of the Korea Communications Standards Commission as defined by laws such as the Information and Communications Network Act and the Korea Communications Commission Establishment Act,” he criticized.

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