Father reveals, “Park Soo-hong’s ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy was also handled”… Park Soo-hong’s side “Parents spread false information”

After broadcaster Park Soo-hong’s older brother, Mr. Park (55), was tried on charges of embezzlement of funds from an entertainment agency, Park Soo-hong’s father (84) and mother Ji (81) appeared as witnesses and exposed Park Soo-hong’s private life. However, Park Soo-hong’s side stated that it was unfounded.

Park Soo-hong’s legal representative, lawyer Noh Jong-eon (who owns a law firm), told Money Today on the 13th, “Her father Park’s claims are false and not worth explaining.”

Previously, her father, Mr. Park, indiscriminately exposed Park Soo-hong’s private life during the trial of her eldest son, held on the same day at the 11th Division of Criminal Agreement (Chief Judge Bae Seong-jung) of the Seoul Western District Court.

He said, “For 32 years, I looked after (Park Soo-hong) and even cleaned up the discarded condoms after he slept with women. Soo-hong only met 6 people that I know of. There was a time when he had a child and asked his brother and sister-in-law to take care of it.” I raised my voice.

In addition to this, “Soohong likes women. She says that when Soo-hong breaks up with a woman, he buys her a foreign car, but if he buys it with a check, isn’t it all revealed? She also claimed, “So she paid it in cash herself.”

He also withdrew money from his own account and put money into Park Soo-hong’s account, and finally mentioned that he also delivered 90 million won in cash to Park Soo-hong.

In response to this, Attorney Noh protested through the media, saying, “I don’t know whether the purpose of this trial is to cover up my brother’s embezzlement charges or to spread false information about Park Soo-hong.”

He pointed out, “Mr. Park’s claims are what the late YouTuber Kim Yong-ho already said on air, and what Park Soo-hong stated in his complaint when he sued Kim Yong-ho먹튀검증.”

At the same time, he said, “Although Kim Yong-ho died before the ruling, all of the claims are groundless. Before his death, Kim Yong-ho failed to present evidence and witnesses to support his claims. None of his ex-girlfriends came forward as witnesses. Kim Yong-ho told Park Soo-hong’s sister-in-law. “I just said it was just what I heard,” he dismissed.

He also drew a line on suspicion of creating a slush fund. Lawyer Noh said, “It makes no sense. “At the time this trial began, Park Soo-hong only had 34.8 million won in his bank account,” he emphasized to the media.

Lawyer Noh said, “I said I gave my girlfriend (who broke up with me) her foreign car as a gift, but I don’t know what kind of car Park Soo-hong drives. “It’s a 40 million won jeep in the name of her wife Kim Daye,” she lamented, adding, “The back seat is so narrow that more than three people can’t fit in it.”

According to the media, Park Soo-hong’s side is unlikely to respond to the parents’ spread of false information. Lawyer Noh said, “The parents spread false information, so how can we respond? “I was so ashamed and embarrassed that I wanted to run out of the courtroom,” he said.

Lastly, he said, “I am so devastated that I haven’t been able to contact Park Soo-hong yet. He must have read the article, but I couldn’t bear to contact him. My wife, Daye Kim, will be with me.”

Meanwhile, Park Soo-hong’s older brother ran two entertainment agencies for 10 years and, together with his wife, Lee, is accused of embezzling more than 6.1 billion won, including Park Soo-hong’s appearance fees (embezzlement under the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Certain Economic Crimes).

The prosecution alleged that from 2011 to 2021, these people spent 1.17 billion won for the purpose of purchasing real estate, 90 million won in unauthorized use of other funds, 90 million won in use of agency credit cards, 2.9 billion won in unauthorized withdrawals from the complainant’s personal account, and a salary remittance scheme using false employee registration. It is understood that 1.9 billion won was stolen.

The next hearing is scheduled to be held on December 1 at 11:10 a.m.

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