“Fighting chicken like a bulldog on the mound” Yoon Young-cheol is the only one, the surprise presence of a classmate at Chungam High School, Sutton laughs

 Last year, there were two excellent left-handed pitchers at Chungam High School.

2023 Rookie Draft 2nd overall, ‘Mage of the 9th’ Yoon Young-chul, wearing a KIA Tigers uniform, was the one pick. Another is Lee Tae-yeon, who wore a Lotte Giants uniform with 53rd place in the 6th round.

It was a player to be selected earlier, but the order was slightly delayed in the aftermath of a back injury early last year.

It was great luck for Lotte. He showed a stronger presence than the rookie pitchers picked first with his thick guts, and was the only pitcher to survive from camp to demonstration games with fielder Kim Min-seok. It is continuing the march of 0 in 5 demonstration games. He played 4⅔ innings, giving up only one hit and one walk.

It’s a great performance that’s hard to believe for a rookie.

The voice of the foreign commander also rose to welcome Lee Tae-yeon’s performance.

Prior to the Daegu Samsung match on the 21st, Lotte coach Larry Sutton praised him, saying, “He is a bulldog-like player on the mound.” He also explained, “It is impressive to see him enter the game after deciding in advance what type of ball to use when dealing with a batter.”

Lee Tae-yeon climbed the mound as the fifth pitcher in a crisis with one company on first and third base in the bottom of the 7th inning against Samsung in Daegu on the 20th when the score was trailing 2-4. He induced a ground ball in front of the first baseman against Kim Jae-seong in two pitches with a quick game. However, as the first baseman could not catch at once, it did not lead to a double hit or home game. Lee Tae-yeon induced another hitter, Kim Dong-yeop, to fly the ball after two pitches, and finished the inning with just four balls.

A bold look that is hard to see as a rookie. It was Sutton’s multi-faceted experimentation process.

Manager Sutton praised, “I deliberately sent it out from 1st, 1st and 3rd base. I induced a ground ball, and it didn’t make a double play, but it was a good look.” He positively predicted, “I have a good pitch. I try to fight and use it in various situations, and I am throwing well according to this.”

Lotte lost two left-handed bullpens in the offseason.먹튀검증 Kim Yoo-yeong left as free agent Yoo Kang-nam as a compensation player, and Kang Ri-ho (Kang Yun-goo) was released as a free agent. Kim Jin-wook is preparing as the only left-handed bullpen. An unexpected appearance of a brave left-handed rookie. Can it become an oasis that relieves the thirst of the bench?

If he survives in the first group, the goodwill confrontation with his friend Yoon Young-chul, who ate rice in one pot at Chungam High School, also draws attention.

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