“First Queen” Kim Ki-li said, “I miss you, Min Jeong.”

Although Kim Ki-li could not celebrate the victory together here, he chanted the name of his teammate and senior national team member Choi Min-jeong.

At 3:30 p.m. on the 16th, Kim Ki-li of the South Korean national team won the gold medal in the first race of the women’s 1,500m at the fourth round of the KB Financial Cup ISU Short Track World Cup 2023-24, held at Mokdong Ice Rink in Seoul.

Kim Ki-li said, “I feel good that I was able to win medals in all four competitions. I tried hard to skate for the gold medal for the people who came to cheer for me, but I’m glad and happy that I paid back.”

As for the crystal trophy, he said, “I’m a little greedy because I’m currently in first place, but I’ll do my best not to get out of first place.”헤라카지노

As for the title of ace, “I think it’s still a long way off, but I want to show you my ace self.”

The last thing I wanted to say to Choi Min-jeong, who was my teammate, was, “I can’t meet you much, but I’m always rooting for you. I miss you.”

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