“Four home wins in a row,” acting head coach Kang Hyuk said, “Shin Seung-min’s 3-point shot, I felt good when I threw it.”

“I had a good feeling when Shin Seung-min threw it. I thought he would throw it confidently in his form, but he made a great shot.”

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation beat Busan KCC 100-98 in a home game held at Daegu Gymnasium on Saturday. After losing in all of the previous five playoff games since the team’s foundation, the company tasted its first playoff victory. It was a double joy until its fourth consecutive home victory.

In the second and third quarters, the team was 14 points behind, but the team reversed the situation. The rebound that Korea Gas Corporation’s acting coach Kang Hyuk always emphasizes was also trailing 32-37. In particular, he lost 16 offensive rebounds. If he lost, he would have been a critical loser. He overcame that, too. Shin Seung-min’s 3-pointer with 2.6 seconds left before the end of the game ended the game.

Kang Hyuk, acting director of the Korea Gas Corporation
How do you feel about winning
To Choi Jun-yong in the beginning, he was in such a good condition that he allowed a lot of points (1Q 16 points). I always tell my players to stick to ours no matter how good the opponent is. I was lucky that the players didn’t let go until the end, never gave up, and helped each other. There were not many substitutes because Kim Nak-hyeon and Lee Dae-heon were missing. All the players did well, but thank you for enduring and reading well, which must have been very difficult until the end. I want to thank the players who didn’t give up and showed their will.

Bellangel scored a layup 1.5 seconds before the fourth quarter and the game ended, but Choi Joon-yong lost 0.8 seconds before
We promised to play a switch in that situation. Choi Jun-yong was in good condition, so he got a good shot. It was not that our players missed it, but a shot went in while defending. The players could have given up, but it was like a losing game, but Bellangel’s throw (with 0.4 seconds left) caused a foul. It was no one’s fault that Choi allowed him to score. I should have pointed that out correctly. I was not good enough.

After Choi Joon-yong scored, he almost got a technical foul due to Nicholson’s protest.
It was a dangerous situation. Players can complain if they are unfair while playing, but I told them that so that they could control themselves, so that they could control themselves. I will refrain from such behavior in the future so that I can do it calmly.

SHIN SEUNGMIN’s 3-point shoot
Shin Seung-min didn’t shoot in the beginning. I think I lost a point to Choi Jun-yong and left it in my head. I asked Shin Seung-min to forget that quickly and be confident. As I was attacking, I was focused on Nicholson, but I felt good from the time Shin Seung-min threw it. I thought I would throw it confidently in my form, but I got a great shot.

Was Shin Seungmin’s 3-pointer the plan you wanted?
That’s wrong. It was a different strategy. Then, (the defense was focused on Nicholson), and Shin Seung-min’s defense player went to the assist defense, which gave Shin a chance. (Belangel) did a good pass (to Shin Seung-min), and if he had found Nicholson (as planned), he would not have had a good shot. Shin had a good chance by grasping the players’ opportunities well.

A 14-point comeback victory is a springboard for the future
We will take a day off and play against DB, the first place, the day after tomorrow (27th). The players have lost a lot of energy today. We will also do our best in the game against DB, and players who have not played need to prepare and share their physical strength. If you run a lot, you can get injured, and if you get injured, it can affect many games, so I think you need to hire several players. 월카지노주소

It reminds me of the stickiness of the E-Land days
I think that not only our team but also all teams play well comes from strong defense. That didn’t come out in the beginning of the season. The more the rounds go on, the more trust each other? It used to be said that Nicholson didn’t play defense, but now Nicholson also plays defense. Nicholson defended and participated in the rebound, and we had more trust in each other. So, good games and good results come out.

Allow many offensive rebounds
I went into the player’s waiting room and said, “I have nothing to say. You did your best today and played a great game in front of the fans. However, I have to reflect on allowing a lot of offensive rebounds.”

Four home wins in a row
You often lose games like this. The players must have a lot of thoughts. In the fourth quarter, there was a case where they lost after losing a buzzer beater by one point. If the players play (forward), they will think in their heads. If the players overcome, they will have confidence going forward. I am so grateful to the players today. I didn’t do anything. The players did everything.

Director Jeon Changjin of KCC
We played a good game. (The end of the fourth quarter) We were told that we fouled and went to extra time. We have to see if we fouled or not. The players worked pretty hard. We have to take a look at the situation.

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