Gangwon FC, sluggish performance this season… “I’m aiming for a reversal from now on”

Gangwon FC, a professional football team for Gangwon Province, which celebrated its 15th anniversary, is showing sluggish results, winning only two wins this season.

Gangwon FC is aiming for a chance to turn around with a determination not to give up until the end, while improving the accuracy of passing and shooting and strengthening tactics.

This is reporter Kim Moon-young’s report.


Gangwon FC players run through the pitch in the rain with light movements.

In line with the powerful slogan, we are training with the same determination as the actual battle.

Most of all, I’m getting my confidence back by improving my passing and shooting accuracy.

Gangwon FC’s record at the beginning of this season is 2 wins, 4 draws and 7 losses.

After the first win in five home games, they have not been able to score any goals, so they are struggling.

Among the 12 teams in the K League 1, they are in the relegation zone along with Suwon, which is the lowest. [Soundbite] Lim Chang-woo/Chief of Gangwon FC : “Right now, we’re not doing well, but we’ll try to

turn things around again and give fans and residents a really good memory this season.”

We are looking for a chance to turn around in 20 games.

In addition, tactics tailored to individual players and organizations are being strengthened, and training to increase attack power and goal scoring power is boosting confidence that we can win.

[Soundbite] Choi Yong-soo/Gangwon FC Director: “Professional sports without fans, especially football, have no reason to exist, so I think we have to take on more responsibility and overcome it on our own. If you wait a little more patience… .”]

Two years ago,메이저놀이터 Gangwon FC is preparing for a new leap by remaining in the K-League 1 from the crisis of relegation.

The day after Sunday (21st), ahead of the home game against Pohang.

Provincial residents are looking forward to seizing the opportunity for a rebound with the bold spirit and passion that unfolded against Pohang four years ago.

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