“Garbage” Kim Min-jae, do you finally teach… Munich, when Tuchel is replaced, will you replace SON’s old teacher? “I’m even learning German.”

Will Jose Mourinho, who coached Son Heung-min, be able to coach Kim Min-jae, who he wanted to recruit in the past, at Bayern Munich.

Germany’s Bild reported on the 12th (Korea time) that “Mourinho is interested in Bayern.”

Recently, Tuchel has been criticized by Bayern fans. The reason for his criticism is his performance. Bayern, which was eliminated from the DFB Pokal this season, has only one chance to win the Bundesliga and the European Champions League.

The European Champions League is relatively cruising as it passed the group stage as the first place, but the problem is the league. Bayern, which was ranked second behind Leverkusen led by Xavi Alonso, lost 0-3 in the previous match, widening the gap to five points.

Considering that Leverkusen remained unbeaten until the 21st round, there is a possibility that Bayern will not be able to reverse the competition for the championship no matter how outstanding the rest of the season is.

In the end, Tuchel’s position is also shaking as Bayern’s bid for 12 consecutive league losses is on the verge of collapse. Along with fans’ dissatisfaction, a new coach candidate also appeared, and for Kim Min-jae, Mourinho, who can further support the main competition, was named.

Bild said, “Fans are venting their frustration. A paper message calling for Tuchel’s replacement was also posted next to the Bayern training site. If Bayern breaks up with Tuchel in the near future, there will be many candidates to take the place. And Mourinho is interested in Bayern.” Bild’s Christian Polk also said, “I heard Mourinho is learning German. He will be ready.” He said Mourinho could be a prime replacement for Tuchel.

Mourinho has yet to find a team since he was replaced by AS Roma in January. Newcastle, Saudi Arabian clubs, Chelsea and Barcelona were nominated, but no specific news of the negotiations came out.

Mourinho’s appointment as Bayern manager could be positive news for Kim Min-jae. Mourinho once wanted to recruit Kim Min-jae, who played for Fenerbahce with Son Heung-min’s recommendation when he was Tottenham manager.

When Kim Min-jae played for Napoli last season, he directly mentioned the rumor of Kim Min-jae’s transfer ahead of the match between Napoli and Rome, saying, “I wanted to recruit Kim Min-jae when I was in Tottenham, but Tottenham didn’t help me. And the trashy defender playing for Napoli is Kim Min-jae,” expressing great regret that Tottenham did not recruit Kim Min-jae at the time.

Kim Min-jae is playing well in the match against Bayern this season. If Tuchel is replaced and another coach is appointed, he may have to enter a new competition to become the starting player 여우알바. However, if Mourinho joins Bayern, Kim Min-jae is likely not to be swayed much by Tuchel’s replacement. In addition, Mourinho may also meet Harry Kane and Eric Dier, who coached at the time of Tottenham Hotspur in Bayern.

Along with Tuchel’s poor performance, Mourinho is being mentioned as a new coach to guide Kim Min-jae. It is also expected that he will be able to join Bayern and fulfill his wish, who wanted to recruit Kim Min-jae to guide him.

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