Gender Conversion Wins U.S. Regional Tour Tours “Goals to Get to the LPGA Tour”

The transgender golfer won the U.S. regional tour.

Golf Week, a U.S. golf media outlet, reported on the 22nd that “a sex-change player named Hayley Davidson won the NXXT Classic, a mini-tournament that ended last week in Florida,” adding, “It is the first victory in two and a half years since May 2021.”

Davidson, a 31-year-old from Scotland, England, underwent sex reassignment surgery in January 2021 and won the National Women’s Golf Association (NWGA) Tour, also a mini-tour in the U.S. in May of that year.

NXXT, which Davidson won this time, is an organization that has a partnership with the Epson Tour, the second-tier LPGA tour. 마카오토토

The top five in points in NXXT are given the opportunity to compete twice in the epson tour tournament. Davidson currently sits in first place in points.

Golf Week explained, “However, for this purpose, NXXT must hold at least 10 competitions involving at least 40 people, but NXXT has not yet met this condition.”

This time, Davidson won the tournament in three rounds, with 27 players participating.

“I’m glad to win this championship, but I still have a lot of work to do before I advance to the LPGA Tour,” Davidson said on his social media, expressing his will to advance to the LPGA Tour, adding, “I will never let hate win.”

Davidson tried out for the LPGA Tour qualifying school in 2022 but failed to make the cut.

If Davidson chooses to advance to the Epson Tour, the second-tier LPGA Tour, through NXXT, he can perform well on the Epson Tour again and move up to the LPGA regular tour.

Davidson played for men’s golf teams in the second and third divisions of the NCAA, including Wilmington University and Christopher Newport University, in college.

He also participated in the 2015 U.S. Open men’s regional qualifying tournament, and began hormone therapy the same year, and underwent sex change surgery in January 2021.

The LPGA Tour eliminated the membership requirement to be ‘born as a woman’ in 2010.

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