“Give me a score, it’s okay.” KIA 150km left-handed fireballer admires… Roh Si-hwan’s charm, not just hitting home runs well

“It brightens people up.”

The Korean national team is different from its own. While playing baseball with other players who have never played baseball together, the team can build friendships and broaden its baseball spectrum. It is also a time when players can feel the charm that they did not know before.

KIA Tigers YouTube Gyativi prepared a content to look back on the past year with Park Chan-ho, Lee Eui-ri and Choi Ji-min eating on the 27th. There was already something known to fans, and there was also fresh news. When the production team asked Lee Eui-ri and Choi Ji-min who was the most supportive beast, Lee Eui-ri’s answer was a masterpiece.

“(No) Si-hwan (23, Hanwha Eagles) is older than me.” For a moment, Park Chan-ho and the production team were also embarrassed or embarrassed. It is a YouTube channel for KIA, and people usually pick their team’s fielder when asked such questions. Of course, Lee Eui-ri said, “I really like KIA fielders,” but Roh Si-hwan, who played with me at the Asian Professional Baseball Championship last November, was especially impressive. 랭크카지노

Lee Eui-ri looked at Choi Ji-min and said, “We’ve done it together in our national team.” “I tried it with Si-hwan, and he makes people really bright.” When Lee Eui-ri looked at the first base from the mound, Noh Si-hwan looked relaxed and said, “Give me a score, it’s okay.” “If you throw four balls, I can’t hit them.”

Hanwha pitchers would have received such encouragement from Noh Si-hwan, who is sitting on his right (third base) all year round. However, it is hard for pitchers of other teams to appreciate Noh’s role as a “fellow defender.” It seems that Noh’s encouragement on Lee’s part deeply touched Ryu’s mind.

Park Chan-ho, who quietly listened to Lee Ui-ri, nodded and said, “(Roh Si-hwan) has a great personality.” Noh, who became the best hitter in the league this season by winning the home run king and the RBI king, has become a recognized player by players of other clubs as well.

It is more than just playing baseball well. Baseball is an individual sport, but it is a team sport. It is not stored as a record, but communication and chemistry between fielders and pitchers are very important. In that sense, Noh is a good team player who knows how to stabilize a pitcher’s mind on the ground. That’s how trust builds and the team becomes strong.

Lee Eui-ri said, “When I look back (from the mound), Chan-ho is always comfortable. Sun-bin is also comfortable, but he’s a little chic.”

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