Gwangju coach Lee Jung-hyo’s ‘winner’, “Focus only on the Asani game! That’s why I replaced it again”

“I’m angry because of Asani.”

Gwangju FC coach Lee Jung-hyo praised the players of both teams immediately after winning a dramatic 4-3 victory in Daegu, the first moonlight derby in two years on the 16th.

Gwangju won 4-3 in the ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ Daegu Expedition held at DGB Daegu Bank Park at 7:00 pm on the 16th. Goals by Kim Han-gil in the 18th minute, Sandro in the 43rd minute, and Heo Yul in the 14th minute scored one after another, winning easily 3-0. In the 18th and 33rd minutes of the second half, Ko Jae-hyeon scored multiple goals, and in the 36th minute, Keita scored an equalizer, making it 3-3, but Ha Seung-woon scored the winning goal in the 41st minute of the second half to keep the victory 4-3.

At a press conference immediately after the match, coach Lee said, “To those who came to the stadium today, both teams did their best to repay the fans with a good game. However, regarding the appearance of the defensive line collapsing in the second half, he criticized the players, saying, “It can be a jinx.”

On this day, coach Lee made the decision to replace Asani early in the first half and then take it out again in a crisis situation in the second half. Regarding this, he said, “I always talk about Asani. I have to do what I can about what happens on the field. Asani has to think more about that part.” It seems to be a criticism of Asani’s excessive protest against the referee’s decision and providing an excuse for conceding. Coach Lee said, “I was angry because I felt like I lost my duty as a player. A player should only focus on playing on the field. If you worry about things outside of the game, it will harm the team. Because of that, it will harm the team. He is well aware of this. This is also the reason for the re-replacement.” Below is the full text of the director’s press conference.

– Impressions of the game

▶ To those who came to the stadium today, both teams did their best to repay the fans with a good game. I want to commend both players. It was beautiful to see her doing her best until the end.

– As soon as the game was over, he looked angry.

▶If we concede in the second half, we tend to collapse. I was angry at that part. When such a jinx occurs, it becomes a hindrance to going to a strong team. I always talk about Asani. He has to do what he can about what’s going on inside the arena. Asani has to add thought to that part. I was angry because I felt like I had lost my duty as a player. Players should only focus on playing on the pitch. If you care about the outside of the game, it will harm you. That part is detrimental to the team. I talked about it before entering this part, and I know it well. This is the reason for the redeployment.

-How do you feel about Moonlight Derby after 2 years?

▶ Daegu is a very enviable city in terms of football. Both Daegu and Gwangju have baseball and soccer teams. Daegu has a good playground called Daepak, and there are devoted fans. I envy you. A team called Daegu has become a very competitive team in the K-League. Mr. Cho Kwang-rae did a good job. I hope our Gwangju will also create a good culture.토토사이트 Next time we do it in Gwangju, I hope many Daegu fans will come. Expectations are high.

-How much was Kim Han-gil injured?

▶ It is not serious.

-Kim Han-gil, Sandro, and Ha Seung-woon all scored wild goals this season.

▶I’m glad that Sandro exploded. Kim Han-gil and Ha Seung-woon also scored dramatically, and I believe this will help the team management and improve.

-Director Choi Won-kwon evaluated director Lee Jung-hyo as Zhuge Liang. how was it

▶ Do not overestimate. I went to Pohang and experienced many things. I think coach Choi Won-kwon will also improve and continue to develop as he plays.

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