Heat beat Celtics to advance to finals with 3 wins

The Miami Heat, like their nickname, are on the verge of advancing to the 2023 NBA Finals with a hot shot explosion.

On the 22nd (Korean time), the Heat defeated the Boston Celtics, who have 17 championship trophies, 128-100, leaving 1 victory in the finals with 3 wins in the Eastern Conference finals series. It is the first time since 1984, when seeding began, that the eighth-seeded team has won by more than 25 points in playoff history.

Since there is no history in the history of the NBA playoffs where a team with three losses won four straight games, the Heat’s advance to the finals was almost a foregone conclusion. In the Western Conference, the No. 1 seed Denver Nuggets are ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers with three wins, and the two teams are expected to face off in the final.

The Heat, who had already won two games on the road at TD Garden, frustrated the Celtics by turning the fourth quarter into garbage time at home Miami’s Catella Center. At the end of the third quarter, the 93-63, 30-point gap widened, and the home team’s spectators left the court early in the bland game.

The key to the victory in Game 3 is point guard Gabe Vincent (26). Vincent, a graduate of the University of Santa Barbara, was not drafted. Miami, who was not named, discovered and nurtured him into an NBA star. He led the team’s offense with 29 points, making the most of six 3-pointers across both teams. The 29 points is Vincent’s most points scored in the regular season, including PO.

The team’s superstar Jimmy Butler slowed down with 16 points, but it was relaxed thanks to the performances of ‘unsung heroes’ such as Vincent and Bench’s Duncan Robinson with 22 points and Caleb Martin with 18 points. Coincidentally, Vincent, Robinson, and Martin were players that teams didn’t even pay attention to in the NBA draft. He is the dog of the Miami team scout. The NBA Draft picks up to 60 players in the second round.

Miami held the Celtics down with a 54.3 percent shooting percentage that put 19 in the net on 35 3-point attempts. The Celtics, who were originally good at 3-point shooting, shot just 26.2 percent (42/11). The Celtics’ all-time leading scorer is Jayson Tatum with 14 points. In addition to the three-point shot, Miami neutralized the Celtics with various routes of attack as center snake Adebyo dominated the bottom of the goal with an alley-oop and dunk shot.먹튀검증

In terms of record, the Celtics lead by 57-35 in rebounds and 21-1 in offensive rebounds, but it is an imaginary record that came out in a situation where the game was tilted.

As for the Celtics, whether they can extend the series and lead it to game 5 on the home court will end the season with game 4 on the heat court, but it remains to be seen.

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