Hot cheers to New Jeans… Jamboree K-Pop performance with over 40,000 people

“Please shout as much as you want to enjoy the stage.”

At the words of ITZY member Yuna, over 40,000 Jamboree scouts from 43 countries shouted tremendous cheers and became one with K- pop.

The members, who had been scattered to 8 cities and provinces across the country due to deteriorating weather conditions such as heat waves and typhoons토토사이트, enjoyed the final night of the Jamboree with a K- Pop performance held along with the closing ceremony at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu on the afternoon of the 11th.

As Ahmed Alhendawi, Secretary General of the World Scout Federation, mentioned in his farewell address, it was the first time the ‘Traveling Jamboree’ was held, but the members enjoyed the stage of K- pop stars as if the 12-day journey was not tiring.

The youth members waved national flags, rode the rhythm, and waved the colorful glow sticks vigorously while riding the waves. He even lifted his mobile phone above his head to capture the final moments of the journey. The 6th Typhoon Kanun passed through the Korean Peninsula, but the raindrops falling in the middle of the performance did not seem to care.

Hosted by actress Gong Myung, Itzy’s Yuna, and New Jeans’ Hyein, the first part of the performance opened with the stage of the popular dance group Holy Bang.

The three MCs raised the atmosphere by saying, “Jamboree is a fun game and a pleasant party, so it fits perfectly with today’s place.”

Group The Boyz presented ‘ Venom ‘ and ‘Face to Face ‘, shouting “Welcome to Korea” and “Make Island Noise”, receiving enthusiastic cheers from the crew.

The New Six , ATBO , Cykers, Cho Yu-ri, KARD, and P1 Harmony, who took the stage, continued the cheerful atmosphere by decorating the stage with their representative songs.

Gong Myung and Hyein said, “It seems that the passionate energy has been transmitted to everyone,” and “The scouting passion here today seems to be tremendous.”

When the winning team of this year’s audition program ‘Phantom Singer 4’, Liberante, sang ‘Musica’ and presented a beautiful harmony unlike idol groups that promoted dance, cell phone lights drew a parabolic line in the audience.

As the group Zero Base One, which was formed in Mnet’s idol survival program ‘Boys Planet’, and the group New Jeans, which recently ranked #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart, continued on stage, the audience’s cheers grew even louder. New Jeans presented ‘ ETA

‘ from the recently released new album and the global hit song ‘Hype Boy ‘ . The members said, “A lot of people came here today,” and “I’m happy to perform in front of many people.” The performance was originally scheduled to be held at the Saemangeum campsite on the 6th, but the date and venue was changed to the Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 11th due to weather conditions and concerns over heat-related illness. Later, as the typhoon unexpectedly penetrated the Korean peninsula, the location was changed to Seoul World Cup Stadium.

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