How was the High School vs. College All-Star Game planned and how will it be played?

On the 6th of next month, Memorial Day, a special type of game will be held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Eagles Park. A showdown between promising players active in high school baseball and college baseball. It’s the high school vs college all-star game. The Hanwha Eagles, who hosted this event, said, “As the full draft system was implemented with the abolition of the first draft of the rookie draft, I planned this game while thinking about ways to support amateur baseball without being limited to my hometown. I hope it will be a place where I can meet excellent players.”

The high school vs college all-star game is a different stage that has not been seen in Korean baseball. Before and after the 1970s, there were Korea-US and Korea-Japan All-Star Games in which Korean and American or Korean and Japanese high school players competed, but there was no case of an All-Star game between domestic student players. If so, whose head did this event start? A Hanwha official said, “Jung Min-hyeok, the head of the scouting team, came up with the idea for the first time. He hinted that he made a plan with the intention of reviving the stagnant amateur baseball, and the game was finally passed by the club.”

Team Manager Jeong, who was contacted, said, “It was just a personal idea adopted. Rather than me being highlighted, I want young players to be noticed,” he shook his hand. Even so, he said, “I always felt sorry for college baseball, which was struggling. I had a strong desire to help at least a little on set, and I came up with this idea and planned it,” he said cautiously. He continued, “After talking on set, everyone was interested. Isn’t there a consensus that baseball is difficult these days? The purpose of trying to revive amateur baseball somehow seems to have been strengthened. Director Son Hyuk and CEO Park Chan-hyuk also readily accepted it.”

Jeong, a right-handed sidearm graduate, was a promising player who went through Daejeon High School and Yonsei University in the amateur stage. While he was a senior in college, he was selected as the only amateur national team member at the 2006 Doha Asian Games. He wore a Hanwha uniform from 2007 to 2015 in the pro, and from 2017 worked as a Hanwha scout and walked around the academy baseball field. This is why the love for amateur players is extraordinary.

Jang Hyun-seok, a right-handed pitcher in his third year at Yongma High School in Masan. Reporter Koh Bong-joon
Team leader Jeong said, “For the match to happen, the Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA) and the Korea University Baseball Federation (KUSF) needed cooperation. As a result of putting our heads together, we came to the conclusion that June 6 is the most suitable game day.” “After that, it was an All-Star game, and it was thought that adding a home run race as well as a 9-inning game would attract more attention. . However, the uniform was decided to wear the uniform that the players usually wear to promote the school.”

The next problem was player selection. KBSA recently appointed head coach Jung Bo-myeong of Dong-eui University and head coach Lee Young-bok of Chungam High School as the head coaches of each level of the national team. However, the composition of the squad has not yet been completed. In the case of this All-Star Game, the two command towers each hold the baton, but the participating players will receive help from 10 professional baseball teams.먹튀검증

Hwang Jun-seo, a left-handed pitcher in his third year at Jangchung High School. Reporter Koh Bong-joon
KBSA Secretary General Kim Yong-kyun, who is planning this All-Star Game with Hanwha, said, “It is still before the Performance Improvement Committee is held. So, scouts from 10 clubs are planning to gather and select players.”

Baseball fans have high expectations. This is because you can see promising players who will shine on the professional stage in the future. Masan Yongma High School senior right-handed pitcher Jang Hyeon-seok, Jangchung High senior junior high left-handed pitcher Hwang Jun-seo, and Songwon University senior left-handed pitcher Jung Hyeon-soo are already considered to be the best players for this All-Star game. Hanwha general manager Sohn Hyuk said, “Everyone talks about the need to revitalize high school baseball and college baseball. We are preparing for this game with the intention of giving motivation to the players. It is the first time, so there will be trial and error, but I hope that a good seat will be prepared for the players and fans through the invitational tournament.”

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