Hulk Lee Man-soo’s Promise “If I only win one game, I’ll run in my underwear”

In 2014, former SK coach Lee Man-soo founded the first baseball team in Laos, a baseball wasteland, and is active as a baseball evangelist.

It is said that he even made a special promise for the Laos national team training in Korea in preparation for the Hangzhou Asian Games.


After batting practice, he encourages the players with applause and high fives.

Even after defensive training, the finish is a high five.

Coach Lee Man-soo, who always claps his hands and treats his players, is like a happy baseball evangelist.

He stepped down as manager of Laos, but his affections remain.

He also declared his pledge ahead of the Hangzhou Asian Games, which is a reenactment of SK’s underwear ceremony at the time of its first sellout. [Soundbite] Lee Man-soo/Chief of Hulk Foundation : “I promised that if you win (at the Asian Games), you would go around the presidential palace in Laos wearing only underwear, but now the players are excited


Laos finished with 2 losses.

However, as baseball became more known in Laos, the player base grew thicker, and the Korean field training was also steadily digested, and now the goal is one win.

Coach Lee Man-soo also gave a gift of a professional baseball pitch at Jamsil Stadium to cheer.

[Saeng Surit Rain/Laos Baseball Representative: “I am well aware of Manager Lee Man-soo’s promise. I will do my best. I will do my best.”]

The small seed sown by Hulk Mansu Lee runs today to bear fruit in Hangzhou.

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