“I blinked while going to the funeral”… Thai woman in her 40s who died of terminal cancer survived

A British daily Daily Mail recently reported that a woman in her 40s who died after suffering from liver cancer suddenly came to life in a car while being transported to a funeral토토사이트.

According to the Daily Mail, on the 30th of last month, Mr. A (49, female), who lives in Udon Thani, Thailand, was receiving treatment at a hospital for terminal liver cancer and was diagnosed with suspicion that she had no chance of living any longer.

As Mr. A was heading to her home to say her final goodbyes to her children, she stopped breathing and her paramedics diagnosed her dead.

A’s mother hurriedly prepared for her funeral, calling her relatives.

The van carrying Mr. A’s body headed from her home to the temple for a Buddhist funeral.

But not long after, suddenly, Mr. A gasped for her breath, and she opened her eyes. Her family, who watched her teeth, were stunned.

Her daughter, who was revived in this way, went straight to the hospital, and all her funerals were canceled. It is known that Mr. A is still receiving treatment at the hospital.

Her family said, “It seems that she came back alive because she couldn’t say goodbye to her children,” and she said, “Because it is terminal cancer, the time given to Mr. A will not be long.”

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