I called my mother as a witness… Park Soo-hong’s side “I didn’t expect it at all, it hurts”

Jin-hong (55), the older brother accused of embezzling broadcaster Park Soo-hong (52)’s appearance fee, applied for his mother as a witness. In response, Park Soo-hong’s side is said to have expressed regret.

On the 9th, the 11th Division of Criminal 안전놀이터Agreement (Chief Judge Moon Byeong-chan) of the Seoul Western District Court held the 7th trial on Jin-hong’s alleged violation of the Act on Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Specific Economic Crimes (embezzlement).

After examining all the witnesses that day, the judge asked the prosecution and the defense about the application for witnesses. In response, Jinhong’s side announced that they would apply for their own mother and the prosecution’s father for the Park brothers as witnesses.

Prosecutors said, “The father’s witness examination will not take long,” and Mr. Jin-Hong’s side predicted, “The father’s witness will take about an hour and a half.” The court has set the next trial date to be October 13.

Park Soo-hong expressed his regret that Jin-hong’s side applied for his mother as a witness. Attorney Noh Jong-eon (law firm exists), who is in charge of legal representation for Park Soo-hong, said, “I did not expect her attendance at all because she was not subject to witness interrogation. excluded,” he said.

She continued, “Since she doesn’t know what her mother is going to say, she is preparing our own countermeasures. However, there are parts that are expected to strengthen the defendant’s argument.” The mother of the Park brothers is a person who made her face known by appearing in SBS ‘ ‘My Little Old Boy’ in the past.

Meanwhile, Park Jin-hong and his wife are accused of embezzling 6.2 billion won, including Park Soo-hong’s performance fee, while running two entertainment agencies, Rael and Mediaboom, for 10 years from 2011 to 2021. Jin Hong admits to some of the charges, but denies most of the charges.

Park Soo-hong appeared as a witness in the previous 4th and 5th trials, and digested the opposite examination of the defense lawyer and directly revealed his position to the effect that he wanted strict punishment for his brother and sister.

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