“I will be an example both inside and outside” Kim Yoo-seong, who was forgiven, said a word he really wanted to say

 “I will become an exemplary player both inside and outside the baseball field.”

Doosan rookie Kim Yoo-seong (21) has been promoted to the first team for the first time since his debut. He was forgiven by the victim of school violence, and the stumbling block was removed. Manager Lee Seung-yeop (47) said that he uses the bullpen.

Kim Yoo-seong was named to the first team ahead of the 2023 KBO League regular season Samsung match held at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 27th. I’ve been with you since the 25th. He pitched one bullpen on the 26th, and received a passing grade.

It is the first group that came up after twists and turns. His talent is undisputed, but things outside of baseball have held him back. school violence When he was in middle school, he used to be bullied at school, and this became a problem.

NC selected as the first nomination in 2021, but withdrew soon after. He was also banned from playing for a year as he was also disciplined by the Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA). He was up to his sophomore year at Korea University and was nominated by Doosan, challenging the pros.

He didn’t even go to spring camp, and he didn’t appear in an exhibition game. This is because the issue of school violence has not been completely resolved. However, he received the victim’s forgiveness on the 21st. Manager Lee Seung-yeop decided to enroll him in the first team.

Kim Yoo-seong, who met in Daegu on the 27th, said, “All baseball players will be like that. I came up to the first team, the stage of my dreams. I will do my best to help the team,” he said.

He asked if there was anything he really wanted to say. Then, “I will become an exemplary player both on and off the field. I heard encouragement from the victim to ‘support’, and thankfully he forgave me. Now he will be a good person both on and off the pitch.”

He did not make a first-team appearance, but did appear in a game for the Futures. He appeared in 3 games, won 1 and compiled an earned run average of 2.77. He allowed 1 run in 4 innings -5.2 innings and 3 runs -3.1 scoreless innings. he wasn’t bad

Manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “The pitching coach, who watched the bullpen pitching, judged that the pitch was good. He agreed to go along. He was forgiven by the victim. Thank. it’s time to run I hope you will understand,” he explained.

“It starts with the bullpen. The five starters are returning without difficulty. go to the bullpen I want to upload it in a comfortable situation. I don’t think it will be easy if it’s a close match. While watching the game, I will see if he has the ability to manage the game, whether he is not nervous, and whether he has the ability to hit the batter.”

Kim Yoo-seong said,먹튀검증 “I will become a player who can lead the team to victory. I will do what I can, to the best of my ability. I made up for my shortcomings at Futures and made up for what I lacked. Pro is different from flax. The first team will be different from Futures. I will focus on throwing one batter, one batter,” he emphasized.

Also, “If you go to the mound, you will be nervous and thrilled. everything is part of the game I want to throw the same as usual. I will show all my abilities. I will throw my ball and help the team win.”

Team seniors also welcomed me. “The seniors are all good. He helped me to adapt well. Thank. He talked about focusing on baseball. I will work hard,” he said.

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