If the debt is not resolved by today, the club will be disbanded… Day One, the day of fate has dawned

Less than a day left.

It is the day when the fate of Goyang Day 1 is at stake. Currently, Day One has been underpaid for players and club staff for over four months. Hundreds of millions of won were accumulated only for the amount owed to partner companies.메이저사이트

Eventually, key players such as Kim Kang-seon, Lee Jung-hyun, and Jeon Seong-hyun went to the National Assembly on the 14th and held a press conference. At this meeting, Kim Kang-seon complained, “I haven’t received my salary for about 4 to 5 months. It’s very difficult because I don’t have money.”

Last month, KBL (Korea Professional Basketball League) gave Day One an ultimatum. If the debt is not resolved by the 15th, the board of directors will discuss the qualifications of the club. The KBL Board of Directors has already been held at 7 am on the 16th.

Day One promised to resolve wage arrears by the 15th. However, it is not once or twice that I have broken my promise, starting with the subscription fee issue. It has been a long time since I completely lost the trust of not only the team but also KBL and the other 9 clubs.

So far, it is extremely unlikely that Day One will solve the problem of overdue wages. An official familiar with Day One’s internal affairs predicted, “We are running here and there and looking for investments, but our financial situation has not changed much. It will be difficult to pay off billions of won in debt at once.”

KBL and other clubs are also preparing their minds. If there is no news of Day 1’s reduction after 15 days, the board of directors is likely to decide to disband the club. This means that professional basketball will organize the next season with 9 teams.

In a situation where the schedule for the 2023-24 regular season has to be drawn up, it is difficult to wait for the normalization of Day One’s club or postpone the decision any longer. At first, there was a voice saying, “We need to stop the crippling going to the 9-team system,” but now we are struggling to come up with future measures.

The plan for KBL to operate on consignment for a while is not being discussed. This is because it is not a fundamental solution to the Day One situation.

There is no sign of a reversal yet. The sense of crisis felt throughout professional basketball is also significant. The popularity of basketball was confirmed by the success of the championship match last season, so there is a great sense of collapse.

If the 9 team system is confirmed, there are many homework to be solved, such as the problem of the existing Day One players and overdue salaries. For one day on the 15th, the eyes of basketball fans are expected to be focused on Day One.

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