“If you look at the title, you can say that, but… ” Yang Hong-seok’s ‘Babel’ interview, what was the meaning

“If you look at the title, you can say that, but… . It’s still 5v5. I couldn’t even make a decision.”

The 2023 KBL FA market held from the 8th. Leading by Oh Se-geun, veterans such as Lee Dae-seong, as well as large-scale forwards such as Choi Jun-yong, Moon Seong-gon, Yang Hong-seok, and Jeong Hyo-geun, predicted a great May.

The hottest player in the current situation is Yang Hong-seok. According to rumors floating around in the basketball world, he is receiving a lot of interest from clubs. In addition, as Suwon kt is also concentrating on renewing the contract with Yang Hong-seok, attention is focused on his future.

Yang Hong-seok, who is already receiving a lot of attention, poured oil in an interview after the FA briefing on the 9th. In an interview with reporters, he said, “I have been working in the same place for six years. Even if I lift the same barbell and throw the same shot, I want to do it in a new environment. And I also want to do it in a stable place. Haven’t made a decision yet. It is difficult to give a definite answer,” he said.

It was a bold and hot interview. It was an answer that could be interpreted differently depending on the position of the listener. It was also a complex answer for kt fans who wished to stay. One thing is certain: Yang Hong-seok has yet to make a 5-5 decision.

Yang Hong-seok, who was contacted on the night of the 9th, said, “I met kt officially for the first time after the FA briefing. A lot of people say I’ll be busy, but I’m not at that level yet (laughs). I wonder if I will be busier in the future,” he said.

He continued, “I saw articles containing interviews. It revealed the will to exercise FA rights well. If you look at everything I’ve said, you can see that it’s a 5-5, no decision has been made yet. You might think differently just by looking at the title, but… ”he added.

For professional players, FA is the most precious and most clever time to exercise their rights. In the process, it is divided as a result of retention and transfer, but in the end all the glory and responsibility belongs to the selected player. Yang Hong-seok is also trying to carefully use the present opportunity, which may come again.

Yang Hong-seok said, “I’m actually scared because it’s my first time. Still, it’s a concern I’m really grateful for. At this time, I want to make good use of this opportunity and make a good choice. No, I want to make the best choice. Everything after that is something I have to handle.”

As mentioned earlier, Yang Hong-seok had a meeting with kt officials after the FA briefing. As it was his first meeting, the situation was close to a search battle. However, kt showed its will to make efforts to help Yang Hong-seok become the first contract player even before the FA market opened. Yang Hong-seok, sitting at the first negotiating table, could also feel this atmosphere.메이저사이트

Yang Hong-seok said, “I heard that you wanted to meet me first. He said he came right away without going anywhere (laughs). I wanted to see you as best as possible. I didn’t forget to ask him to look at me prettily,” he said. The first FA contract, I hope that word will become a reality. Wouldn’t it be possible if you really look at me pretty? I believe that good news will come over time.”

Will Yang Hong-seok be able to make good use of his first FA opportunity, which came in his mid-20s? Also, will kt be able to protect the core of the team with Heo Hoon and Ha Yoon-gi? Conversely, can other clubs embrace young and outstanding young forwards? Whatever the choice, it seems that an interesting scenario will be written.

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