“I’m saying hello to Legend.” How dare you… The joke starts. Heo Soo-bong got beat up

On the 14th, the game between Hyundai Capital and KB Insurance of the 2023-2024 Dodram V-League was held at Cheonan Yu Gwan-soon Gymnasium.

Before the game, KB Insurance captain Jung Min-soo visited Hyundai Capital Court and was greeting his colleagues and juniors. In the center of the court, Yeo Oh-hyun, the oldest active player in the V League, was approaching.

In the meantime, Hyundai Capital’s Heo Soo-bong greeted Jung Min-soo, but Jung Min-soo did not see Heo Soo-bong’s greeting because he looked at Yeo Oh-hyun.

Heo Soo-bong, embarrassed, played a joke when Jung Min-soo touched Jung Min-soo’s back hair when he greeted Yeo Oh-hyun.

Jung Min-soo, who greeted Yeo Oh-hyun, immediately punished Heo Soo-bong for his provocation by hitting Yeo Oh-hyun’s chest. And after perfectly punishing Heo Soo-bong, who was provoked by pressing the back of his neck, Jung Min-soo patted Heo Soo-bong’s shoulder and headed to his court, saying, ‘Let’s cheer up and play well today.’ 랭크카지노

Meanwhile, the two teams raced through to the fifth set. Hyundai Capital won the set score of 3-2 (25-18, 30-28, 23-25, 15-25, 15-11) against KB Insurance.

Hyundai Capital Ahmed scored 37 points, Hong Dong-sun scored 16 points, and Choi Min-ho scored 10 points, including 4 blocking points, leading the team to victory.

KB Insurance Villena scored 41 points, including five blocks, and Hong Sang-hyuk scored 13 points, but failed to prevent the team’s defeat.

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