Impressive performance of Indonesian ‘Farhan’, who was unfortunately absent from the Asia Quarter

ISA Sports City Stadium in Manama, Bahrain, where the 2023 AVC (Asian Volleyball Confederation) Men’s Club Championship was held.

On the 16th (local time), the third group match between Korean Air, representing Korea, and Bayangkara Freshi, Jakarta, Indonesia, took place. The result was Indonesia’s 3-1 victory.

In this tournament, Korean Air is giving young players a chance with foreign player Lincoln (ITC/international transfer agreement period expired), setter Han Seon-seon, and middle blocker Kim Gyu-min missing three players, while Indonesia hastily prepared additional power. It was a situation where they were aiming for high grades by reinforcing players.

Last season’s runner-up, Bayankara Freshi, will feature Daudi Okello (Uganda), who is familiar to Korean fans, as an apogee spike. Here, the outside hitter line was packed with Farhan Hareem and Manabi Lezard. In fact, the victory of this day was absolute for the performance of the national team Libero Lacca in the performance of these two.

Manabi Rezard, an Iranian national, is a short-term loan player for this tournament. Farhan Harim also played for Steenbin, the third-placed team in Prolif Indonesia last season.

Indonesia freely changes its team whenever a large or small competition is held before Proliga of the next season after Proliga ends. In addition, he participates in various competitions. Vayangkara reinforced the middle blocker in the first place team, and reinforced the outside hitter in the third place team. It was the reason Farhan Hareem was able to compete in this tournament.

Farhan’s performances on this day were very impressive, including his serve and sharp attacks. Although he was not tall at 193cm, he was a player with jumping power and elasticity. In particular, Kangsub shook the Korean Air receive line. Parhan, who lost the little finger of his left hand in an accident when he was young, uses both left and right toss for his spike serve. His quick attack from the number 4 spot had to be pursued diligently by Korean Air blockers.토토사이트

After the game, Korean Air coach Tommy Tilly Kainen shook his head, saying, “It was really hard to stop Farhan.”

Farhan submitted an application for the 2023 KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) Asia Quarter Tryout held in Jeju Special Self-Governing Province in April, but unfortunately had to look to next year as he was unable to attend the local event. Due to the schedule of the national team, it was impossible to come to Jeju.

Most men’s team officials say that if Farhan comes to the V-League, he can play as a starter. Farhan also announced a re-challenge in the 2024 Asian Quarter.

The performance of Indonesian national team outside hitter Farhan against Korean Air, who won three consecutive championships, was enough to raise expectations for the Asian quarter next season.

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