Is Manchester United ‘shocking’ attempt to recruit… “I made it a top priority”

Bayern Munich’s Harry Kane (30) has been shown to be Manchester United’s top priority. Manchester United is looking for a striker who can help Rasmus Hoyloun (21) and has pointed out Kane, who has been watching for a long time. Manchester United assessed that the difficulty of recruiting Kane is considerable, but it is not an impossible transfer.

British media “HITC” reported on the 27th (Korea time), “Manchester United has made a new front-line striker a top priority this summer, and there is a specific interest in Kane. The club is very happy for Hoyloon, but they think they need other strikers, and they have suggested an experienced striker who can help Hoyloon. Kane is considered the most ideal target, and Manchester United have rated Kane very highly from before.”

This season, Manchester United suffered a severe goal drought until the middle of the season and was slightly pushed out of the top-tier competition. In particular, Hoylun, who was brought in by spending 85 million euros (about 122.7 billion won), raised concerns as he failed to adapt to the Premier League. Fortunately, Hoylun survived from the new year and scored in six consecutive league games, solving Manchester United’s offense problem.

Manchester United, where Hoylun’s potential finally broke out, are thinking of adding a striker who will be responsible for scoring with him. The player Manchester United are considering is Kane. Picking as the best striker in Premier League history, he left the friendly Tottenham last summer for Bayern Munich and started a new challenge.

Kane’s destructive power remains in the German Bundesliga, but Kane’s trophy hunting is expected to fail again this time as the inside of Bayern Munich is in chaos. Amid the prospect that many players will leave the team this summer, Kane has recently been on the verge of returning to the Premier League. There has been news that Chelsea and Manchester United are devising plans to bring Kane.

In particular, Manchester United, which has been sending love calls to Kane for a long time, is keenly interested. “HITC” added, “Manchester United knows that it will be quite difficult even if it is not impossible to recruit Kane. However, Jim Ratcliffe (71, England) and Ineos are used to making a deal and will argue that they should investigate the possibility before looking for another alternative.” 핑크알바

Kane, an English national team player, wore the Bayern Munich uniform after his Tottenham career last summer. Boasting outstanding individual career including three times as the top scorer in the Premier League and one time as the top scorer in the FIFA World Cup, Kane is well known as a player who has not been linked to the trophy throughout his career. Having failed to overcome the championship threshold at Tottenham every time, he aimed for his first win by transferring to Bayern Munich, the “German champion.”

Kane showed his ability by scoring 31 goals (eight assists) in 31 official matches this season, but apart from his performance, Bayern Munich has suffered a rough season as it has fallen into a slump. All of the cup competitions have already been eliminated, and there is an eight-point gap with Leverkusen, the top-ranked team in the league. The UEFA Champions League is also on the verge of elimination after losing its first match of the round of 16.

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