“It’s an honor” Bang Bo-ram, after a farewell trip to Hawaii, headed to Samsung Life Insurance

After a wonderful farewell trip to Hawaii, Bang Bo-ram felt the scent of a conglomerate at STC (Samsung Training Center).

On the 15th, Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and Asan Woori Bank conducted a one-to-one trade. Bang Bo-ram went to Samsung Life Insurance, and Lee Myung-gwan headed to Woori Bank.

Bang Bo-ram, a graduate of Dongju Girls’ High School, was called by Woori Bank in the 5th place in the 1st round of the 2021-2022 WKBL New Player Selection. He is a 183 cm center and averaged 4 minutes 25 seconds, 0.9 points and 0.9 rebounds in 13 games over two seasons. It was difficult to get many opportunities at Woori Bank, where the starting pitcher was solid. He also had a knee injury.

Samsung Life recruited Bang Bo-ram to reinforce the under-the-goal power that is lacking except for Bae Hye-yoon. If Bang Bo-ram recovers well, he can get more appearances. Bang Bo-ram said, “I found out about the trade in Hawaii. After knowing it, I felt more at ease. His older sisters always stayed with us and made sure we had fun,” he said.

Woori Bank, which won the combined championship last season, traveled to Hawaii with its coaching staff, players, and support staff. It was an unexpected farewell trip for Bang Bo-ram.

Bang Bo-ram said, “Hawaii was really fun. He had a dinner on the last day, and the director said that I was transferring, and he made time to say hello. The beach was in front of the restaurant, and as the sun went down, the sky turned pink. We went to the sea together, took pictures, and cried. I heard a lot of affection from the team. The unnies also took good care of me and made me look pretty,” recalling the past.

After a special breakup with Woori Bank, Bang Bo-ram moved his luggage to Samsung Life Insurance on the 15th. He has started training right away and is working hard to adapt quickly.

Bang Bo-ram said,메이저놀이터“Actually, on the first day, I wondered if I was at a camp. I guess it will take some time to adapt. My first impression of STC was amazing. Should I say it was like a big company? The facilities like the room, gym, and shooting machine were really nice. I thought that I could just exercise hard. The food is also really good. It was astonishing. On the 16th, there was a barbecue, and I sent a picture to (Kim) Eun-seon and (Oh) Seung-yeong to show off. Everyone said it was VIPS,” she laughed.

Regarding training, Bang Bo-ram said, “I am rehabilitating after knee surgery, so I can’t run. Still, it’s the final stage of rehabilitation. After training together, I felt young, full of energy, and bright.” “I heard that Samsung Life Insurance had been watching me for a long time. (Bae) Hyeyoon unnie’s backup is also an honor for me. She hasn’t shown anything yet, but I want to show her a more mature image by working hard with a sense of responsibility.”

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