“It’s my dad”… “Daddy Gum”. The princess who holds Han Seun’s legs and doesn’t fall off

“It’s my dad.” 

The men’s match between the “Dodram 2023-2024 Season V League” and Korean Air and Hyundai Capital at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 17th was a complete victory for Korean Air with a set score of 3-0 (26-24 25-17 25-16). 

It was a close game between the two teams every time they met, but it was different on this day.  월카지노

Korean Air, which came from behind to win at 18-23 in the first set, staged a one-sided match from the second set. While Lincoln, a foreign player, is unable to play due to injury and Jeong Ji-seok, a ace, is not in a normal condition yet due to injury, Korean Air is able to show such a strong performance because there is a setter Han.

Han is called the best setter in men’s volleyball. He does not falter under any circumstances and throws accurate throws. He leads the game with cool-headed judgment and makes the opponent blocker feel discouraged with a toss that caught him off guard.

On the same day, Han’s toss was brilliant and Hyundai Capital blockers were helpless. The success rate of Korean Air’s team attack was 53.84 percent, which was an astonishing figure. In addition, unexpected second-tier attacks in the interim left the opponent team feeling down. In the end, Korean Air led the team with 17 points by Lim Dong-hyuk, four blocks, and 16 points including two serves.

After the game, Han held a microphone in front of the camera for an interview with Su-hoon and started the live interview. Then, an unexpected situation happened. After coming down to the court, his daughters suddenly appeared, grabbed his dad’s leg and started talking to him. Han tried to hit his daughter, but the kids didn’t let him go. Han was forced to finish the interview while holding his leg.

Han’s affection for his father did not stop there. One day before the match, the 16th day was Han’s birthday. Korean Air fans stayed at the court until late at night, singing “Happy Birthday” to celebrate Han’s birthday. At that time, Han’s daughter was happy, saying, “My dad,” showing her a shiny cheering tool with Han’s name on it.

The three daughters, who gathered near their father, rejoiced at Korean Air’s victory and father’s birthday with their home fans, and Han’s face was filled with happy smiles. The daughter silly Han played the best on the day, receiving support from her three beloved princesses.

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