“It’s okay even if you don’t have Hwang Taek’s older brother, we’ll break the prejudice” KB’s youngest setters’ bold ambition

I couldn’t see the light because it was covered in the shade of the built-in main station. However, ahead of the new season, they are raising expectations by revealing their secret determination.

Hwang Taek-eui (27, 190cm) has always been the main setter for KB Insurance in the men’s professional volleyball team. Hwang Taek-eui stepped into the professional stage after being nominated by KB Insurance in the 2016-2017 rookie draft, and immediately won the rookie award. He has been ranked as the best 7 setter for the last 3 consecutive seasons and has established himself as a top setter in the league.

After completing the 2022-2023 season, Hwang Taek-eui enlisted in the Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu). As a result, a golden opportunity came to his junior setters, who had hardly been able to quilt the court. Shin Seung-hoon (23, 195 cm), who is in his third year of debut, and Park Hyun-bin (19, 185 cm), who is in his second year, heralded a good-natured competition for the new field commander position.

Shin Seung-hun joined KB Insurance in the first round (6th place) in the 2021-2022 season rookie draft. In his first season, he only played 12 matches (24 sets), but in his second year, last season, he took more chances with 21 matches (48 sets).

Shin Seung-hun, who finished his second season, was a more mature figure. “I was able to enjoy the game because I had more time than when I was a rookie,” he said with a smile.

It was the first season of his debut for Park Hyun-bin. Wearing a KB Insurance uniform in the first round (6th place) in the rookie draft last season, he played in 5 games (14 sets).

Although the number of games played was insufficient, it was a meaningful season in which I saw and felt many things. Park Hyun-bin said, “I was very nervous and burdened, but I tried to learn a lot by watching her brothers.” “he said.

There was also a moment during the season when Hwang Taek-eui left due to a back injury and Shin Seung-hun and Park Hyun-bin had to lead the team. The two players took turns competing for three rounds, splitting the playing time. Regarding the third round at the time, Shin Seung-hun said, “(Park) Hyun-bin and I tried to solve the game by helping each other,” and Park Hyun-bin said, “We tried to use each other’s strengths, and we had a lot of conversations about the unresolved parts.” raised

The two players played an unforgettable game of life in the third round. The long-awaited opportunity to compete was not wasted.

Shin Seung-hun was selected as a Distinguished Player by leading the team to escape from 8 consecutive losses in the Samsung Firefighting on December 13 last year. At this time, he was interviewed by a broadcaster for the first time after his debut and smiled, saying, “I was so nervous that I couldn’t remember how to answer.”

There was a game that impressed Park Hyun-bin more than his debut. He picked the KEPCO match on December 27 last year, when he first teamed up with foreign player Villena, as the most memorable match. He said, “Because Viyena is a rookie, she has no choice but to be immature. She has to do it confidently, so it was a great source of strength for me,” he said. told

However, it was regrettable that I did not get a chance to participate from the 4th round. Park Hyun-bin said, “I think my mental hair was shaken because of the heavy burden. I should have overcome it on my own, but it’s a pity.”

Seeing how Hyundai Capital setter Lee Hyeon-seung (22, 190cm), who was his motivation for joining the team, took off as a starting pitcher, I was greatly stimulated. The two players ate together in the youth national team and faced off several times in the college league. Park Hyun-bin said, “(Lee) Hyun-seung hyung “was motivated a lot by seeing him play as a starting pitcher,” and promised, “I will try to make up for my shortcomings so that I can play in more games in the new season.

” A tall setter with a height of 195 cm, he said, “I want to help the team while making use of my strengths because I am tall.” “I want to leave the name Shin Seung-hoon in the memory of many people,” he said with determination.먹튀검증

KB Insurance Hu In-jeong, coach of KB Insurance, is guiding the two players while properly mixing carrots and sticks. Shin Seung-hun said, “The coach is a stimulus. He speaks a lot. He said, “Thanks to him, he is learning a lot,” and Park Hyun-bin said, “He is a bit strict when exercising, but he always looks meticulously and spares no advice. He makes me feel comfortable after training.”

The outlook for the new season of KB Insurance, where Hwang Taek-eui left, is not so bright. However, the two players expressed their determination to break everyone’s expectations and create a sensation. Park Hyun-bin said, “I hope we can finish with better grades than last year,” and Shin Seung-hoon gritted his teeth, saying, “The hyungs are preparing well. I want to break that prejudice by working hard with the hyungs.”

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