Jeon Cheong-jo shed tears, “Nam Hyun-hee, she knew my identity since February”

Jeon Cheong-jo (27), who had promised to marry Nam Hyun-hee (42), a former national fencing team member, claimed, “Nam Hyun-hee found out last February that I had impersonated a ‘third generation chaebol’.”

In an interview with Channel A’s ‘News A’ on the 30th, Mr. Jeon said, “Everyone knew that (Nam Hyun-hee) used the role of a reporter to impersonate a third-generation chaebol because she saw my cell phone. “If you look at the period, it was last February,” he said.

About her own gender, she said, “She is legally a woman. She did not have sex reassignment surgery. She is going through the process of becoming a man. “She took hormone injections,” she explained. She specifically claimed that around last July she had breast removal surgery, which she claimed was recommended by Nam Hyun-hee first.

Jeon said, “(Nam Hyun-hee) kept telling me, ‘Because of your breasts, people will tell you that you are a woman.’ “Because she loved me with all my heart, I also made a big decision and went to do her surgery,” she said.

Earlier, regarding the pregnancy test that Nam Hyun-hee presented as one of her grounds, saying, “I was deceived by Mr. Jeon,” Jeon said, “The bodyguards bought the test machine. I delivered the tester (to Nam Hyeon-hee). “When she was examined she had two lines,” she claimed. It is interpreted that she did not deceive Nam Hyun-hee with the pregnancy test.

Mr. Jeon said, “Nam Hyun-hee had symptoms of a miscarriage and visited her obstetrician/gynecologist. At the hospital, she said, ‘I have a rosacea. “I was told, ‘I think she had a miscarriage,’” she claimed.

She said, “I couldn’t eat properly, I couldn’t sleep, and I (attempted) to make extreme choices. I will bear everything I have done and take responsibility for it. “I feel so sorry for the victims,” she said. Jeon shed tears during her interview.

In a phone call with Channel A, Nam Hyun-hee said, “I continued to suspect it after we met, but (Mr. Jeon) deceived me each time by calling my mother or sending a text message pretending to be my father.” She said, “She plans to lay all the charges she can against Mr. Jeon, who lied about his identity, etc. “He said. Nam Hyun-hee also announced her plan to sue Jeon on the 31st.

Ms. Jeon responded to an interview with the monthly magazine Women’s Chosun, which was released on the 23rd, along with Nam Hyun-hee. She revealed in this interview that she plans to get married. She introduced herself as a ‘third-generation chaebol businesswoman.’ However, as her crime of stealing money by lying about her past gender and history was later revealed, she is being criticized by public opinion.

In an additional interview with Women Chosun released on the 26th, Nam Hyun-hee revealed her breakup, saying, “She was deceived by Mr. Jeon.” Mr. Jeon was arrested by the police on the same day at around 1:09 am on charges of visiting Nam Hyun-hee’s mother’s home, knocking on the door several times and ringing her doorbell (violation of the stalking punishment law), and she is now released.

She, Jeon, is also under police investigation for allegedly assaulting Nam Hyun-hee’s nephew. The Seongnam Jungwon Police Station in Gyeonggi-do announced on this day that it had criminally booked Mr. Jeon on charges of hitting Nam Hyun-hee’s middle school nephew several times (child abuse)짱구카지노 도메인 between late August and early last month.

Jeon reportedly used her golf club when she assaulted Nam Hyun-hee’s nephew. The police are investigating this case after receiving a 112 report from a child protection agency last month.

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