Kim Eun-ji, 5 wins out of 5 against Smire

Kim Eun-ji once again made her cry. At the second round of “The Three Kingdoms of Genius Girls” held at a Go TV studio on Sunday afternoon, Kim Eun-ji defeated Nakamura Sumire 3 dan of Japan by two and a half albums.

They won all five games against each other. They won the Uijeongbu International Baduk New Team Game in 2022 and the China Women’s A Group League in 2023. On top of that, they also won the Korea-Japan Genius Girl No. 3 event, which was an unofficial game last year.

The meeting was an official match for the Korean Baduk Association. The loser was eliminated. Kim Eun-ji played in the first round match despite the disadvantage of failure, while Nakamura Sumire played in the first round match after losing the first round.

In this competition, in which three drivers compete in reverse tournaments, the first round match is decided by lottery, and the winner comes first to the final. The loser of the first round and the loser of the first round play the second round to determine another finalist. Anyone can win only when they win two games, and the first round buoy is at a disadvantage, so even if they lose one game, they will be eliminated.

During the show, Moon Do-won, a professional Go player, said, “Smile can feel humiliated. I feel like I haven’t done anything right,” and Park Sang-jung was quoted as saying, “Kim Eun-ji is so seasoned and doesn’t respond to the provocative act.”

Ban Sang, which started quickly with the esoteric standard of artificial intelligence being upgraded repeatedly due to its complexity, ended with 288 moves for 3 hours and 46 minutes (Wu Yiming-Smire’s first turn was 3 hours and 36 minutes, and 267 moves were completed).

“Today, it seems that Kim Eun-ji is looking at Lee Chang-ho’s former 9th dan. No matter how the opponent provoked her, she ended it with a perfect judgment.”

“I thought it worked out well from the beginning, and I had to grow the card a little more later, but I think I kept it fierce until the end because it was finer than I thought,” said national queen Kim Eun-ji, 9th-dan. “I was so angry because I lost two Asian Games (for Wu Yiming), but I will try to pay it back tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, Sumire 3 dan said, “I want to win the women’s tournament” when she came to Korea, while smiling and feeling embarrassed about how she felt about the match, and said, “Thank you for your support.” to the Korean fans who cheered for me.

The victorious Kim Eun-ji will play the final match against Wu Yiming (5 dan) of China from 1 p.m. on Saturday. Sumire Nakamura ended her career in third place after losing to Kim Eun-ji and Wu Yiming in succession 랭크카지노주소.

Kim Eun-ji won one round in an unofficial match against Wu Yi-ming, and gave up two rounds in an official match. In the opening interview on the 2nd, she had an opportunity to fulfill her determination, which she said, “If I meet Wu Yi-ming, I will try to pay off my debt at the Asian Games.” Kim Eun-ji is second in the country’s women’s rankings, and Wu Yi-ing is eighth.

The prize money for this competition is 10 million won (3,540 U.S. dollars), 5 million won (3,520 dollars) for the runner-up and 3 million won (3,520 dollars) for the third place by inviting teenage female drivers representing Korea, China, and Japan to predict the future of the world’s women’s go team. The time limit is Fisher’s method, in which 40 seconds of purchase is added for a basic 30 minutes.

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