‘Kim Geon-hee’s complaint’ is on the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office’s work computer… To defend against family suspicion?

It was revealed in court that when President Yoon Seok-yeol was the Prosecutor General, a prosecutor from the Investigation and Information Policy Office (Revision Office) of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, which was the main stage of the ‘suspicion of instigation of accusations’, transferred the complaint file related to First Lady Kim Kun-hee to the prosecution’s work computer. Evidence was also revealed that the prosecutor in question had uploaded a document titled ‘Flawless Family Defense’ to the prosecution’s work computer. Circumstances were additionally confirmed that the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office’s Office of Corrections worked hard to defend the Prosecutor General’s family case. However, the prosecutor from the Corrections Office who appeared in court that day consistently refused to testify.

Prosecutor Lim Hong-seok of the Changwon District Prosecutors’ Office, who was a prosecution researcher in the Office of the Corrections Officer at the time in April 2020, attended the trial on the case of Daegu High Prosecutors’ Office Deputy Prosecutor Son Jun-seong (Chief Prosecutor)’s violation of the Public Official Election Act, held on the 23rd at the Seoul Central District Court Criminal Agreement Division 27 (Presiding Judge Kim Ok-gon). Prosecutor Lim is a person identified by the High-ranking Public Officials Crime Investigation Office (Corruption Investigation Office) as having formatted the computer hard disk of the짱구카지노 주소 Office of Corrections and installed an anti-forensic app immediately after the suspicion of a high-ranking official broke out in September 2021. Prosecutor Lim was also the first person to search for the ruling on the real name of Mr. Ji, the informant of the ‘Channel A incident’, on April 3, 2020.

In the process of the Corruption Investigation Office questioning Prosecutor Lim, circumstances were revealed that the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office at the time was interested in ‘defending Prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol’s family.’ The Corruption Investigation Office asked how Prosecutor Lim transferred a Korean file titled ‘Immigration Complaint for Mr. Kim Geon-hee and others’, which appears to be related to Ms. Kim, from the prosecution’s internet computer to his work computer on March 31, 2020. During the questioning process, it was also revealed that Prosecutor Lim had transferred materials such as ‘Draft of family-related suspicions and counterarguments’ and ‘Contents of defense against flawed articles’ to the prosecution’s work computer. However, the Public Prosecution Service could not confirm the content of the data and the author.

Circumstances were also revealed in which the judgment related to Ms. Kim’s case was searched. The Corruption Investigation Office announced that Prosecutor Lim searched for rulings such as ‘stock price manipulation’, ‘capital market law’, and ‘stock preferential treatment’ on April 7, 2020. However, Prosecutor Lim refused to testify to most questions. This is because he was reported to the Corruption Investigation Office for ‘suspicion of destruction of evidence’, a separate case, and is being investigated.

He even did not answer the Corruption Investigation Office’s question to confirm his past statement, saying, “During the 2021 Corruption Investigation Office investigation, when Kim Geon-hee was accused and media reports surfaced, he stated that he searched to confirm the type of crime related to the report,” saying, “I refuse to testify.”

The court asked, ‘Considering your status as a prosecutor, wouldn’t it be better to reveal the facts instead of refusing to testify?’ However, prosecutor Lim maintained his stance of refusing to testify, saying, “What I say in court may cause some misunderstanding or lead to incorrect reporting.” did.

Sentencing in the case of Go-sa-sa-ju is expected to be made early next year. On the 27th of next month, the Public Prosecutor’s Office is scheduled to sentence Prosecutor Son.

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