Kim Sun-bin and Ko Young-pyo’s alma mater Hwasun High School, produced by Won Sang-hoon, will not participate in this year’s weekend league

The three schools/teams that could be seen until last year are not expected to appear in the high school baseball weekend league, which starts on March 16.

First of all, Yeoju IDBC was disbanded due to club circumstances. The key factor is the supply and demand of players. Players who graduated from the third grade lacked players to play, which forced players to take different courses. Coach Yoo Seon-jeong, who founded the first baseball club in Gyeonggi Province and ambitiously nurtured players, recently moved to his hometown of Daegu and is preparing to become a coach again, and is currently working as an instructor at Gumi University following her teacher Park Young-jin, who was in high school.

Korea K-POP High School, which gained momentum by sending ace pitcher Won Sang-hoon to the pro league for the first time since its foundation, will also be banned from participating in this weekend’s league due to a lack of players. It is not disbanded. “We need to secure at least 14 players to have the minimum entry to participate in the game,” Kim Yong-kyun, secretary-general of the Korea Baseball Softball Association, told MHN Sports. “K-POP high schools are found to have failed to meet that number. If it is disbanded, an official letter should be received from the association, but there has been no such move.”

Hwasun High School, which produced Kim Sun-bin (KIA), Shin Jin-ho (former Kansas City-NC), Hong Geon-hee (Doosan), Lee Seung-hyun (Samsung), and Ko Young-pyo (KT), failed to participate in the weekend league due to lack of players. Rumors have it that alumni are rushing to prevent the disbandment of the high school baseball team in Hwasun. Kim Yong-kyun, head of the association, also confirmed that K-POP High School and Hwasun High School did not attend the weekend league for the same reason 라바카지노주소. “We used to play baseball with 12 players at our time,” said Shin Jin-ho, a coach at Cheonan Commercial High School who has been serving as a coach since his retirement from NC. There were not enough players, but there was a struggle. As an alumnus, I feel a sense of responsibility that such alma mater Hwasun High School is in a difficult situation. I will actively help it not be disbanded.”

However, non-participation in the weekend league does not prevent participation in the national competition. In the case of E-Mart Bae, which is eligible to participate in all schools nationwide, those who complete registration of at least 14 players before the deadline for registration of players (Feb. 16) will be eligible to participate, and the phoenix can submit at least 14 entries 60 days before the competition is held.

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