Kim Yeon-kyung came out as free agent, 20 free agents including Park Jeong-ah, Kim Su-ji, and Kim Hee-jin announced

 A large number of former and current national team players such as Kim Yeon-kyung, Park Jung-ah, Kim Hee-jin, Kim Su-ji, and Yum Hye-seon have appeared in the free agent (FA) market.

The Korean Volleyball Federation announced on the 9th the 20 women’s players who obtained FA qualification.

According to the federation, all clubs can negotiate freely as soon as the FA is announced, and the contract can be completed by 6:00 pm on the 22nd.

FA has different compensation methods depending on the group. For women, the annual salary of 100 million won or more is group A, the annual salary between 50 million won and 100 million won is group B, and the annual salary of less than 50 million won is group C.

A club that recruits a Group A player can compensate the original team for 200% of the player’s previous season’s annual salary and one person excluding six protected players, including FA recruits, or 300% of the annual salary. When recruiting a B-group player, 300% of the previous season’s annual salary and C-group 150% of the annual salary should be compensated.

Group A consists of 15 members: Kim Yeon-kyung, Bae Yu-na, Park Jung-ah, Moon Jeong-won, Jeon Sae-yan, Hwang Min-kyung, Kim Yeon-gyeon, Han Song-yi, Yeom Hye-seon, Civilization-hwa, Han Su-jin, Kim Su-ji, Kim Hee-jin, Oh Ji-young, and Lee Han-bi.

Group B consists of five members: Do Soo-bin, Jeong Dae-young, Hwang Yeon-joo, Chae Sun-ah, and Jeong Si-young.

Of the 20 people, the biggest concern is definitely Kim Yeon-kyung’s destination. Kim Yeon-kyung, who joined Heungkuk Life Insurance with the first pick in the first round of the 2005-06 season, returned after playing for a long time in an overseas club and filled the 6th season late this year and earned her first FA qualification.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who unfortunately finished as runner-up in the 2022-23 season championship match, is currently contemplating her retirement or extending her active life.

If Kim Yeon-kyung chooses to extend his career as a player, the free agent market is expected to become interesting. Kim Yeon-kyung,카지노사이트 who received the highest amount in the women’s division this season (annual salary of 450 million won + option cap of 250 million won, total compensation of 700 million won), is interested in whether she will transfer to another team.

Han Song-i and Jung Dae-young, who had previously signed five FA contracts, will break their own record for the most when they sign this contract.

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