Kwon Soon-woo to face world No. 132 Diallo in Davis Cup tennis

Kwon Soon-woo, the ace of the Korean men’s tennis team, who is challenging for the world’s round of 16 for the third consecutive year, will face Diallo in the first singles match against Canada.

South Korea will play against Canada in Montreal, Canada, for two days from tomorrow (the 2nd) in the final round of the 2024 Davis Cup.

As a result of the draw decided today, Kwon Soon-woo will face Diallo in the first stage, and Hong Sung-chan will meet Pospisil in the second stage.

In the doubles, which will be played for the second day, Nam Ji-sung and Song Min-gyu will face Galano-Pospisil.

After that, the 3rd and 4th singles will be played with Hong Sung-chan-Dialo and Kwon Soon-woo-Posfisil matches on the first day.

Coach Kim Young-joon said, “The results of the big game are satisfactory,” adding, “Kwon Soon-woo has more experience in games than his opponent, and Hong Sung-chan is also in good condition, so his goal is to win two games on the first day.”

Kwon Soon-woo was ranked 52nd in the world in 2021, but since the second half of last year, he has barely played in the tournament due to injury, so he is now down to 700th in the world. 꽁머니사이트

Diallo, a first-stage opponent, is 203 centimeters tall, and his personal best ranking is 130th last year, and this is his first showdown with Kwon Soon-woo.

South Korea, which reached the round of 16 in the Davis Cup, a total of five national competitions until last year, will advance to the round of 16 in the Davis Cup for the first time in history if it beats Canada this time.

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