Laguna scored 10,000 points, Yang Hee-jong joined the ranks of retired legends

2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball has completed a 7-month campaign. Significant records poured in, and legendary veterans left the court.

One of the meaningful records achieved this season is the achievement of 10,000 points in the personal career of Laguna (KCC). Laguna scored over 10,000 points in a match against Daegu Gas Corporation held at Wolmyeong Gymnasium in Gunsan on December 29 last year. It is the 5th all-time following Seo Jang-hoon (13,231 points), Aaron Haynes (10,878 points), Kim Joo-seong (10,288 points), and Chu Seung-gyun (10,19 points). Laguna, who debuted in KBL in 2012 at Ulsan Mobis (currently Hyundai Mobis), has been active in KBL for 12 years and has accumulated great records. Laguna also holds records such as the most rebounds (6120), the most blocked shots (663) in his career, and the most foreign MVP selections ever.

Veteran Lee Jung-hyun, who moved to Samsung, also played all games last season, extending his record for most consecutive appearances to 582. He became the 8th player of all time to reach 1000 three-pointers in his personal career, and also surpassed 7000 points (No. 14) and 700 steals (No. 12).

Among the coaches, Gas Gongga coach Yoo Do-hoon achieved 400 personal wins in a home game against Jeonju KCC on February 19th. It is the 4th all-time following former coach Yoo Jae-hak (724 wins), Jeon Chang-jin (523 wins), and Kim Jin (415 wins). Director Yoo has been leading a team for over 10 years, holding the helm of the new gas corporation, including the days of Etland.

Yang Hee-jong is holding a net-cutting ceremony for the basketball hoop after winning the 7th game of the 2022-2023 professional basketball championship match between Seoul SK and Anyang KGC held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 7th. 2023.05.07. Anyang | Reporter Kang Young-jo

Yang Hee-jong of Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation left the court in a flashy way. Yang Hee-jong announced in February that he would retire at the end of this season. On March 26, in the last home game against Wonju DB in the regular league, his retirement ceremony was held. Yang Hee-jong, who made his debut at Anyang KT&G (now KGC Ginseng Corporation) in 2007, has been active in the same team for 17 years, winning 4 championships and 2 regular league championships. In particular, he has been the captain since 2014 and has been called the ‘mental support’ of KGC Ginseng Corporation. Wonju DB Yoon Ho-young also ended his career as a ‘one club man’ after this season. Suwon KT Kim Yeong-hwan also finished his 17-year career as a player and will begin his leadership career as a KT coach from the next season.토스카지노

Meanwhile, the total number of spectators this season was 687,303 (599,572 in the regular league, 87,731 in the playoffs), 868,567 in the 2018-2019 season before the COVID-19 epidemic (763,849 in the regular league, 104,718 in the playoffs). of 80% was restored. The total admission revenue of the 10 teams exceeded 8.6 billion won, exceeding the previous record of 7.2 billion won in the 2018-2019 season, a record high.

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