Lebron ahead of the NBA’s biggest box office matchup “I respect Curry’s achievements the most”

LeBron and Curry met again in the playoffs.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors will play the first leg of the second round of the 2023 NBA playoffs at the San Francisco Chase Center on the 2nd (Korean time).

The schedule for the first round of the NBA was all over, and we entered the second round. The matchup that gets the most attention in the second round is the series between the Lakers and Golden State. Both teams managed to upset Memphis and Sacramento respectively in the first round.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry, who formed the best rivalry in the 2010s, will meet again in the playoffs five years after the 2018 Finals. LeBron and Curry are two of the most popular stars in the NBA right now. The two players met for four consecutive years only in the finals and formed a rivalry.

With the birth of a big match, ticket prices skyrocketed. According to ‘TickPick’, the average ticket price for the series of the two teams is $726, which is about 970,000 won in Korean currency. Excluding the finals, it is a series between the two teams that sells the most expensive tickets in the NBA playoffs of all time.

As much as that, the interest in the match between the two teams, especially the rivalry between LeBron and Curry, is great. “It’s a blessing to still be able to play at such a high level,” Curry said, thanking the two players for being at the top for such a long time. 

Lakers manager Davin Hamm said, “LeBron James and Stephen Curry are the best rivals of this generation. LeBron has made it to the Finals eight times in a row, and Curry and his teammates have won four. That’s competition and rivalry. This series is It will be another fun competition.”

Meeting Curry in the playoffs after a long absence, LeBron showed respect for his opponent. He praised Curry as a player who could set an example for the next generation.

“When Curry starts working, he gets results nine out of 10 times,” LeBron said. It’s great to see players like that set an example for the next generation.”스포츠토토

A lot of attention is focused on the matchup with Curry, but the most important thing is the team’s victory. Lebron emphasized that in order to win, you need to minimize mistakes and increase concentration.

Lebron said, “There must be no mistakes. You can’t win if you make mistakes. It’s simple. The opponent will make us pay for our mistakes.”

Which of the two teams can make it through the second round? From the 3rd, the battle between the two teams, with LeBron and Curry at the forefront, begins.

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