Lee Eon-ju: “If you criticize the president, it’s fake news… isn’t it a dictatorship?”

There is controversy as the People Power Party’s Central Ethics Committee (Chairman Hwang Jeong-geun) decided to issue a ‘call for caution’ disciplinary action against former People Power lawmaker Lee Eon-joo for his remarks criticizing President Yoon Seok-yeol and the People Power Party.

Former lawmaker Lee protested, saying, “If you criticize the president, it is not surprising that it is considered fake news,” and added, “Isn’t this a dictatorship?”

The People Power Party’s Central Ethics Committee held the 10th Central Ethics Committee meeting on the afternoon of the 25th to discuss disciplinary deliberation and resolution by Busan Nam-gu Party Council Chairman Lee Eon-joo. As a result, former lawmaker (chairman) Lee’s repeated remarks in the media are ethical. The party’s Central Ethics Committee announced that it had decided to urge메이저사이트 caution in accordance with Article 23, Paragraph 2 of the Ethics Rules, as it was judged to be a cause for disciplinary action under Article 20 of the Committee Regulations.

The People Power Party’s statement that became a reason for caution regarding party member Lee Eon-joo’s statement on the same day appeared on the BBS Buddhist Radio <Jeon Yeong-shin’s Morning Journal> on the 15th and said, “If we continue like this, the general election will become even more difficult. It will almost be a ‘blush’. ” △On the 13th, he appeared on CPBC Radio’s <Kim Hye-young’s News Sympathy> and related to the second cabinet reshuffle, saying, “It seems to be sending a message to the president that if you stand in line and look good, you will become a minister,” and appointed a second minister to a ministry that pledged to abolish the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family . In relation to this, I heard someone say, “Without any affection or vision, I’m just handing out seats to people who are loyal to me.”

In addition, former lawmaker Lee of the People Power Party appeared on MBC Radio’s <News High Kick> on the 23rd of last month and said of President Yoon Seok-yeol regarding Japan’s decision to discharge contaminated water from Fukushima, saying, “He is an accomplice. The majority of the people are against it, but the people’s will is not supported. ” Criticism such as “the president faithfully fulfilled that role externally” and “This itself is a violation of popular sovereignty and thus a violation of the spirit of the Constitution” was introduced as grounds for disciplinary action.

Former lawmaker Lee Eon-ju protested against this. In a post posted on his Facebook after the disciplinary decision was made this afternoon, former lawmaker Lee criticized, “It is not surprising that if the party that has become the shrine of President Yoon Seok-yeol criticizes the president, it is considered fake news.” Former lawmaker Lee said, “I was prepared to a certain extent when I went to the media and criticized the president’s mismanagement, the party’s incompetence, and undemocratic nature.” “I think it was done,” he pointed out. Former lawmaker Lee asked, “But isn’t Korea a dictatorship?”

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