Lee Hwi-jae, rumored to be retiring, made at least 6 billion won in market profit from a villa in Cheongdam-dong

Comedian Lee Hwi-jae, who is rumored to be retiring, is said to굿모닝토토 주소 have recently sold his villa to a reconstruction company, making a profit of 6 billion won.

According to the real estate industry on the 21st, Lee Hwi-jae recently sold a duplex unit (exclusive area of ​​69 pyeong) in Hyosung Villa Building 2 in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul for about 9,026.9 million won. This item was purchased in March 2000.

The buyer is Nexplan, a real estate development company that is redevelopment of the Hyosung Villa complex.

The real estate industry said that the exact market profit cannot be determined because Lee Hwi-jae purchased the villa before the sale price was announced. However, considering that the sale price of Samik Apartment in Cheongdam-dong in 1998 was 175 million won, the general opinion is that there would have been at least a market profit of more than 6 billion won.

There is another celebrity who bought this villa. Actor Jung Hae-in purchased Hyosung Villa, built in the 1980s, for 4.4 billion won in September 2018, and actor Kim Rae-won purchased Hyosung Villa, built in the 1980s, for 3.7 billion won in May 2020, with the expectation of reconstruction.

Meanwhile, Lee Hwi-jae, a former FD , has been on hiatus since the end of KBS 2TV’s ‘Year-Round Live’ in April last year . He debuted as a special comedian on MBC in 1992 and continued his broadcasting career for the past 30 years before leaving for Canada with his wife Moon Jeong-won and twin sons Seo-eon and Seo-jun in August last year.

At the time, his agency Cube Entertainment said, “Lee Hwi-jae plans to stay in Canada with his family until the end of the year,” but it is known that he has already passed the originally promised return date and his exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment has been terminated, giving weight to rumors of his retirement.

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