Lee Jae-hyun, who saved Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in crisis, will fill the void of Roh Jae-wook’s injury

He saved the team in crisis in his first starting game since debut. Rookie setter Lee Jae-hyun (22) of the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance helped his team escape consecutive losses.

Lee Jae-hyun played as a starting setter in the last game of the fourth round against Woori Card at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on Wednesday. The main setter Noh Jae-wook was out due to a sudden knee injury, and another setter Lee Ho-gun was also out due to an ankle injury last month.

Rookie Lee Jae-hyun, the third setter of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, has the first chance to start his debut. Lee Jae-hyun was different from the team, although it could have been a burden as the team lost four consecutive games, the most of the season, and the sense of crisis was heightened. He played the game calmly from the beginning of the first set with a stable toss, and showed boldness in the place of victory.

With the clutch at 24-25 set score, he boldly used fast attack to score Eddie’s point. He then saw his chance to attack Yosbani from 27-26. He jumped from an avant-garde position and strongly spiked with his left hand to end the set. He displayed strong courage to take responsibility for the final score of the set with a surprise two-stage attack at the venue of the match. 마카오카지노도메인

Lee Jae-hyun, who led the team to gain the upper hand in the first set, also played well with Jusbani. On the day, Yusbani scored 44 points, the most in a single individual game, and made his third Triple Crown of this season. Lee Jae-hyun, who started as a starter and played the full set, could have been exhausted, but he did not collapse. He continued to manage the game through the last five sets, completing his team’s full set victory and escaping a four-game losing streak.

After the game, Samsung Fire manager Kim Sang-woo said, “He did a great job in his first game as a starting pitcher. With more experience, he will improve his performance,” adding, “He should play as a pitcher, but he is not in a good physical condition. If he doesn’t have teeth, he should play with his gums. I think he should increase his weight.” Although he has an 11-day All-Star break, considering the current situation, it will not be easy for him to make a quick comeback.

At a time when the race for the spring volleyball rankings is heating up, Lee Jae-hyun has become the starting setter. In this regard, it is meaningful that he led his first starting game to victory. After the game, Lee Jae-hyun said, “I ran with the mindset that I should do it because there are no Jaewook and Hogan hyung.” Since the training, the coaches and coaches have talked a lot to me so as not to put as much pressure on me as possible. Even during the game, he said, “It’s okay, he’s good,” so I didn’t feel any pressure. “I liked that he used fastballs and made bold attacks as he ordered from the time of practice,” he said.

Yosbani advised Lee Jae-hyun that he would become a better player if he confidently plays what he wants to play, rather than adapting himself to other players. “I will be bolder as a rookie. I will reflect on myself during the All-Star break and make up for my shortcomings,” Lee Jae-hyun said.

Lee Jae-hyun, a Chung-Ang University graduate who was selected as the seventh pick in the second round of this season’s rookie draft, is a left-handed setter with a long-range serve, and has been on the court consistently since the beginning of this season as a one-point server. He played 52 sets in 19 games, the most among rookies, and successfully made six serve aces.

It is a crisis for the Samsung Fire Department as it will take time for Noh to recover from his injury, but it is an opportunity for Lee to increase his personal presence. This will increase his chances of winning the Rookie of the Year award. “I wish I could win the Rookie of the Year award, but there are rookies from other teams. I will play with the mindset that I will do my best until the end,” Lee said.

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