Lee Shin-young was eliminated in the first round for 2 consecutive tournaments… Higashiuchi Yoon Gyeongnam advanced to the 2nd qualifying round

Lee Shin-young was eliminated in the first round of the LPBA Tour for the second consecutive tournament. Meanwhile, Higashiuchi and Yoon Kyung-nam advanced to the second round. Seo Han-sol and Choi Ji-min suffered a setback in the previous tournament, while Cha Yu-ram won in his return to professional golf.

The first preliminary round (PPQ) was completed on the first day of the “Welcome Savings Bank Well Bank PBA-LPBA Championship” in Game 8 of the 23/24 season held at KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province on the night of the 4th.

Lee Shin-young, playing in his third professional tournament, lost to Song Min-jeong 17:23 (25 innings). Lee suffered from difficulties from the beginning. After suffering from 11 consecutive innings of hits after scoring the first run in the first inning, Lee was dragged 1:14 by Song Min-jeong, who scored 14 points including seven high runs through the 12th inning. There was no reversal since then. Lee, who was poised to lose by a large margin until the 15th inning by 3:20, diligently pursued Lee but fell far behind by 14:22 in the 24th inning.

Lee Shin-young scored three points in the 25th inning to accelerate pursuit, but that was it. After Song Min-jeong, who took over the offensive power, scored one point, the game time (50 minutes) ended, and Lee Shin-young suffered 17:23 (26 innings).

Lee garnered his first win in Game 6 at the same time as his professional debut, but failed to pass the second qualifying round that followed. Since then, he has lost in the first qualifying round in this tournament following the previous Game 7, and suffered a setback in his first competition for the second consecutive tournament 라바카지노주소.

On the other hand, Higashiuchi Natsumi (Welcome Savings Bank Well Bank) won Choi Sun-young 16:12 (29 innings) after a long-term battle. Yoon Kyung-nam and Lee Ji-yeon (A) Oh Kyung-hee and Information Yoon also joined the second preliminary round.

In the previous one-to-three turn games, Cha Yoo-ram defeated Oh Ji-yeon 25:10 (23 innings) in his return to the professional league. On the other hand, Seo Han-sol (Blue One Angels) and Choi Ji-min and Kwon Bal-hae stopped in the first qualifying round.

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